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Suzi Williamson Leo Burnett Melbourne Account Manager
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Daniel Sparkes Leo Burnett Melbourne Creative
Emily Gould Leo Burnett Melbourne Strategy Planner
Luke Torney Leo Burnett Melbourne Technical Director

The Campaign

We created Reword, a real-time alert for online bullying. Reword is an educational tool that helps develop young people’s moral compass when they become active on social media. A simple JavaScript tool that integrates with social and messaging platforms, Reword uses a custom lexicon database to identify strings of words that form millions of potential insult combinations. As a child types, regex matching cross-references the database to identify abusive patterns, scanning for insulting phrases and bullying sentiment, not just swearing. When a pattern is found, the child is alerted with a red strikethrough, instantly interrupting behaviour and prompting them to reconsider their words. Children can become co-authors by adding their own bullying terms, helping Reword recognise evolving language and slang. Reword not only protects potential victims, but also stops children from becoming bullies themselves. Don’t bully, and the red line will never appear.

Creative Execution

After a successful pilot program, we launched our in-school program and made Reword available online as a free Google Chrome extension. To engage Protectors emotionally, we ran an integrated campaign across outdoor, print, TV, display, social media and PR. Featuring real kids, it highlighted the problem of online abuse and presented Reword as a solution. The campaign asked Protectors to install the tool at home and in schools, and to show their support and raise awareness in their school communities by sharing. We targeted youth via our in-school program and on social media, inviting them to directly interact with the tool and add new bullying terms. Being co-authors impelled them to take a stand against cyberbullying and promote Reword among their friends, extending the tool’s reach. We directed people to our website, where they could explore videos; install the tool; and contribute to the lexicon.

The first six weeks showed a distinct impact on behaviour. 84% of insults detected were reworded. Bullying behaviour per user dropped an incredible 67%, demonstrating that users learned to self-regulate hurtful language. In the same period, Reword was introduced to 260+ schools nationwide and installed on 150,000+ computers. Our CTA resonated with youth, generating over 20,000 insult submissions, creating millions of new combinations. Reword has clear universal relevance, garnering global coverage on CNN, Wired and Mashable and personal messages from around the world. Now, with public support from local and federal governments and expansion to a mobile application, Headspace is committed to implementing Reword in every school nationwide. Six-week results: • 150,000+ installs • 20,0000+ contributed insults • 84% of insults reworded • 67% reduction in bullying behaviour per user • 150 million media impressions Reword is changing online bullying behaviour, creating a new generation that respects each other – online and in real life.

Two insights drove our strategy: 1. Current anti-bullying efforts focus on reporting abuse after the fact. By then, the damage is already done. Takeout: Stop bullying behaviour before it happens. 2. Our research told us that young people’s moral compass doesn’t fully develop until adulthood. Their impulsive behaviour can lead to unintended harm. Takeout: Create an educational tool to help develop children’s moral compass. Goal: Protect potential victims and protect children from becoming bullies themselves. During prototype development, we collaborated with Headspace Youth Mental Health Foundation and young people to refine usability and messaging. Testing showed 79% of youth were willing to reword when prompted. We targeted “Protectors”– parents and educators – to install the software at home and in schools. We targeted young people separately, encouraging uptake and acceptance by designing the tool so they can co-author it, giving them ownership and empowering them to take a stand against cyberbullying.


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