Product / ServiceDCA MINE ACTION
CategoryB01. Education & Awareness (incl. Fundraising and Advocacy)
Idea Creation GREY GROUP Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production 2 CUTTERS Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 3 YESSIAN MUSIC Detroit, USA
Contributing DANCHURCHAID DCA Copenhagen, DENMARK


Name Company Position
Konstantin Popovic Grey Group Singapore Global Business Director & Executive VP
Till Hohmann Grey Group Singapore Executive Creative Director and VP
Antonio Bonifacio/Luis Fabra/James Dickinson/Rasiyqah Rahman Grey Group Singapore Conceptual Lead and Creative Team
Brendan Cravitz, Lauren Reilly Grey Group Singapore Agency Producers
Brian Yessian Yessian Music CCO
Richard MacCormac DanChurchAid (DCA) Head of Mine Action/Safer Communities
Nikolaj Sondergaard/ Christian Sophus Ehlers/ Anne Kristine Erhardsen/ Camilla Tollstorff Ardilso/ Mulle Juul Korsholm/ Anne Mousten/ Tobias Juhler Maureschat DanishChurchAid (DCA) Client Team
Suresh Ramaswamy/ Karishma Menon/ JunJek Low Grey Group Singapore Digital and Social Media Lead Team
James Teh Great Guns Director
Mathew Alden/ Ann Suthida Sihasavetra/ Sinthop Sophon (Jeab)/ Nattachai Kitjanawanchai (Nut Art) Great Guns Film Production Team
Michael Dragovic/ Jeff Dittenber/ Richard Rodgers/ Oscar Hammerstein II Yessian Music Sound Team
Timo Otsuki/ Shumpei Negami Cutters Film Production Team
Ryan McGuire/ Ben Conkey/ Toshiki Kamei/ Dr. Yu/ Tomomi Ogawa Cutters Editing and Post Production Team
Huma Qureshi, Yanrong Pang Grey Group Singapore PR Team

The Campaign

Bigger concept: Let's connect the topic of clearing mines/UXO with the world of football. Urging fans to help #ClearThePitch. Because: 1. Football is arguably the world's biggest sport. It's a huge industry, a huge popular culture topic and also a hugely loved hobby. 2. There is a quite shocking connection: in countries affected, it's extremely dangerous for kids to just go outside and play some ball. 3. One of the most evil remnants of wars are cluster bomblets that actually look like balls - making them difficult to spot and easy to mistake for kids. Core creative piece: Let's make a shareable and powerful video that comes across like a highly stylized big football brand ad - hijacking the iconography and music of football -, that takes a disturbing turn with an actual mine victim pointing out just how difficult it is to spot cluster-munitions/mines. To trigger sharing of #ClearThePitch

Creative Execution

On International Day of Mine Awareness DCA went live in Denmark. The unique angle and link to football made it possible to be present on Danish Morning Shows and in daily news-media. Within hours DCA and #ClearThePitch dominated the topic on this day. The mass-media audience was pushed to watch the film online (YouTube, Facebook, Website) and then support the spread by linking, posting, tweeting. To further enhance the instant spread three additional tactics were deployed: 1) 6 Danish football clubs had been won beforehand to support the campaign, now urging their fans and followers to view, like, share, support. 2) Basically all other Mine Action NGO (and many other humanitarian NGO) had been won to support the spread on this day via their social channels. 3) Via the social timer Thunderclap a tweet wave was created to go live a few days later during the Euro-Cup Quarterfinal.

When the Danish Foreign Minister Christian Jensen tweeted his support of #ClearThePitch, DCA knew it had succeeded. But the results were much bigger than that – in launch-week: - instant growth of visits to DCA main-page by 89% - over 1.2 million social reach - over 360k twitter users reached on one day via Thunderclap - 78% external, new visitors saw video - mainline&sports media coverage in Denmark, Asia and the UK - 6 Danish and 1 Spanish major league football club share campaign - fanclubs in Denmark, Germany, the UK and Spain support and share - hundreds of NGO retweet and post (including the UN) - also: hundreds of industry sites pick up the film and cover the story The results have made this the most successful campaign ever run by DCA – allowing DCA to now build on a powerful platform to further push global awareness and donations.

In order to reframe the topic and make it relevant to a much bigger audience we had to do three things: 1) Define an audience that could support in the topic if given the right stimulus - and that potentially has funds to donate. 2) Based on that audience reframe the topic to fit their interest - building an impactful link that would captivate. 3) Create the stimulus and roll it our in a low-budget way centred on social-media sharing and PR coverage. We found that audience in football fans, players, clubs. The world's biggest sport. Millions of fans everywhere. But also a powerful industry with big budget sponsors, clubs, associations, stars, media-coverage. We found the angle: what's a great sport/hobby to you, is potentially deadly to children in 60 countries. And we introduced the shortform-appeal "Help DCA to #ClearThePitch" via social media, using a powerful football-themed video as trigger.


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