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EntrantDENTSU Y&R Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation DENTSU Y&R Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

The busy son is going to take his mother who is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis disease to the hospital. While she is getting ready to go out, he sees her struggling to put on lipstick with difficulty moving her fingers due to the disease. Then he has a flashback to recall as a boy that she has always improved her self-esteem by paying attention to her appearance. On the way to the hospital, he comments that the doctor resembles her late husband, and later she smiles cutely when the doctor tells her that the treatment is making progress. When going back home, he takes her for a walk to the sea she has loved since early times. Seeing his mother who is properly made up and looks beautiful and confident as she used to be, he recognizes the importance of early rheumatoid arthritis treatment.

The Brief

The art direction plays an important role to show the relationship between the mother and her son. In the movie, there are two settings: 1) their home doing cleaning business that he took over from his mother, and 2) the sea. In order to depict their present and past at their home with a long history, we changed both the interior and props to show the lapse of time. In the main scene of her putting on makeup, we shot her at the same angle in the same place for both present and past times, aiming to connect the emotional flow smoothly in the flashback with a younger pair of main characters. In the last sea scene, we chose not a beautiful beach, but a rocky seaside as a location to focus on communicating the theme and producing dramatic images.


Name Company Position
Yasuyuki Miyauchi Dentsu Young & Rubicam Inc. Creative Director
Akiko Shirasu Color Inc. Copywriter
Takuo Shima nice Producer
Yukihiro Morigaki The Director's Guild Director
Takahiro Tsutai Freelance Cinematographer
Yoshitake Hikita Phalaris Inc. Lighting
Koutaro Maruhashi Melody Punch Inc. Music Artist
Hiroyuki Nakada Dentsu Young & Rubicam Inc. Group Account Director
Shinji Kuchiba Dentsu Young & Rubicam Inc. Account Director
Tomoichiro Setsuda nice Co.Ltd Assistant Producer
Senshu Katsu Huckleberry Inc. Art Director
Masahiro Toda Huckleberry Inc. Art Director
Takashi Sumizawa Dentsu Young & Rubicam Inc. Web Planner
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