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CategoryB01. Education & Awareness (incl. Fundraising and Advocacy)
Idea Creation GREYnJ UNITED Bangkok, THAILAND

The Campaign

Thai people express their love and care through flower bouquets. People treasure flower bouquets they receive from their loved ones because it means a lot to them. With this insight, we created “Love Bouquet” shop in the center of Bangkok. Love Bouquet shop serves purposes like any other flower shops. People could come to order bouquets and we had professional florists to help them pick what to put in their bouquets and arrange them beautifully. The only difference is, instead of using flowers to make bouquets, Love Bouquet shop used a wide selection of fresh local vegetables from Tesco Lotus. Florists suggested various combinations of vegetables that give different health benefits, for example, a bouquet made with carrot, celery and spinach is good for eyes, so it’s called: "Love at First Sight" People could also request personalized bouquets suited to their likeness and needs.

Creative Execution

To reach our target, we built Love Bouquet shop in one of the busiest area in Bangkok, amidst office buildings, cafes and restaurants. People were curious when they saw a new “flower shop” in the block, some people visited immediately. The news spread quickly, in just three days, people began to line up in front of the shop. Within a week, #lovebouquet became a trend in Thailand. People posted their bouquets, shared healthy recipes and discuss about it on online forums. Celebrities posted and shared their bouquets, TV news broadcasted about it and our florists were invited to give talks. Within a period of two months, vegetables become a trend nation wide.

Love Bouquet generated over 500,000 uploads in Instagram, Facebook, personal blogs and Twitter altogether. It appeared in reputable national TV programs such as Thai PBS, Channel 7 Morning Show and Channel 3 Talk Show. Love Bouquet became one of the most successful CSR campaigns from Tesco Lotus that helped the brand to reach their mission to build a healthier society though a healthy eating habit.

Tesco Lotus was concerned about the unhealthy eating habit that caused Thais to suffer from serious diseases and had a mission to encourage them to be health conscious. Love Bouquet helped them to achieve that by making vegetables more appealing. People loved Love Bouquet as it gave them a new way to show their loved ones they care. The bouquet became a starting point of building a healthy eating habit. People discussed and shared recipes, became a national topic. Increasing vegetable sales in Tesco Lotus proves that Thais have finally realized the importance of vegetables in their lives.

Our target is young urban people. Their busy lifestyle causes them to pay less attention to what they eat. They also see vegetable as something unappealing, that’s why they tend to dish them out despite their benefits for health. Our approach is to make vegetables appear to their likeness. What if, we turn vegetable into something they can appreciate, something they won’t turn away?


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Ali Shabaz GREY GROUP SEA Chief Creative Officer
Per Pedersen GREY GLOBAL Chairman Global Creative Council
Jureeporn Thaidumrong GREYnJ United Chief Creative Officer
Andrew Chu GREYnJ United Executive Creative Director
Subbaraju Alluri GREY GROUP Chief Executive Officer
Kanaporn Hutcheson GREYnJ United Managing Director
Jongkoch Dusittanakarin GREYnJ United Strategic Planner
Kanoksak Kanchanachutha GREYnJ United Agency Producer
Asawin Phanichwatana GREYnJ United Executive Creative Director
Adam Siriraka GREYnJ United Associate Creative Director
Thayaluck Pongacha GREYnJ United Associate Creative Director
Irvine Prisilia GREYnJ United Creative Director
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Chanikarn Sitthiaree GREYnJ United Copywriter
Veerawin Suksantinunt GREYnJ United Copywriter
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Donruethai Nimitpunya GREYnJ United Account Executive
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