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Product / ServiceBIOTHYMUS M
CategoryA02. OTC Applications
Idea Creation GREYnJ UNITED Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Ali Shabaz GREY GROUP SEA Chief Creative Officer
Per Pedersen GREY GLOBAL Chairman Global Creative Council
Jureeporn Thaidumrong GREYnJ United Chief Creative Officer
Andrew Chu GREYnJ United Executive Creative Director
Subbaraju Alluri GREY GROUP Chief Executive Officer
Kanaporn Hutcheson GREYnJ United Managing Director
Asawin Phanichwatana GREYnJ United Executive Creative Director
Thaweesak Nummariarattana GREYnJ United Creative Director
Thawat Tangtienchai GREYnJ United Creative Director
Vipas Koomsa-ard GREYnJ United Copywriter
Chatchawan Moonpradub GREYnJ United Copywriter
Vatit Butrakas GREYnJ United Art Director
Chainarong Wattanathanakun GREYnJ United Agency Producer

The Campaign

Most young men think that hair loss is a distant problem, and believe that they can live with baldness when the time comes. However, research has proven that men can start suffering from hair loss at the early age of 20, and the best way to prevent baldness is attacking the problem at its initial stage. To change young men’s perception about hair loss problem and to prove that hair is actually worth keeping, we created the ‘Bald Barbershop’ – a pop-up barbershop right in the middle of Bangkok’s CBD, where we dared our target to have a ‘bald’ hair cut.

Creative Execution

The Bald Barbershop was set up for 3 consecutive days in the busiest part of Bangkok’s CBD, and young men could choose 1 of 7 bald hairstyles to win a cash prize. The Bald Barber shop was promoted through social media and gained huge interest as thousands of consumers challenged their friends to take on the dare. We documented the participants as they took on the dare, which then became shareable and entertaining branded content on our social media channels.

In only 3 days, the Bald Barbershop attracted more than 3million passers-by, each of them spending an average time of 15 minutes. And out of 3 million people, only 7 men were bold enough to go bald – proving that young men do not want to lose their hair. The Bald Barbershop became the talk-of-the-town, as the video of the event gained over 6million views, over 50,000 shares, and was talked about in over 40 popular fan pages and blogs in Thailand – Resulting to the number of followers on Biothymus’ fan page to be increased by 300%. Most importantly, we tackled baldness at its root by changing young men’s perception about hair loss, and turned Biothymus from an unknown brand to become the most talked-about hair loss solution.

Young men think that hair loss is a problem far from them, so we needed an idea that would relate a product that isn’t on their consideration. With white-collar men as target, we created an activation that would disrupt their daily routine and breakthrough the clutter of an environment inundated with advertising messages. And because the brand has been inactive for a long time, we created this activation to engage our target in an unconventional and surprising way.

As young men think that they could live with baldness, we wanted to prove them wrong by challenging them: “Are you bold enough to go bald?” We reached our target by setting up the Bald Barbershop for 3 days in the busiest street of central Bangkok. To prove that their hair is valuable to them, we even rewarded those who were willing to lose their hair with a cash prize – you dare, we pay.