CategoryD01. Health & Wellness: Corporate Image & Communication
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production BBMEDIA Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing FROEBEL-KAN Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Yasuharu Sasaki DENTSU INC. Exective Creative Director
Miyuki Kimura Froebel-Kan Co., Ltd. Director
Masayuki Nakano Froebel-Kan Co., Ltd. General Manager
Hidekazu Yanagisawa Froebel-Kan Co., Ltd. Manager
Yohsuke Matsuoka Freelance Planner/Illustrator
Ryo Honda RYO HONDA OFFICE Executive Creative Director
Tomoyoshi Ishikawa DENTSU INC. Communication Architect
Takao Oyama BBmedia Inc. Producer
Masato Yoshikawa BBmedia Inc. Producer
Takuya Kanda BBmedia Inc. Producer
Ikumi Shimosoyama BBmedia Inc. Director
Wataru Hayashishita BBmedia Inc. Project Manager
Tatsuya Kido BBmedia Inc. Technical Director
Takumi Makino BBmedia Inc. Designer
Naoko Kodama BBmedia Inc. Communication Manager
Masaaki Yokoyama Freelance Cinematographer
Shotaro Ariga AZA CORPORATION Operator
Kouta Ikeda BACKSLASH Ltd. Music Producer

The Campaign

For visually impaired parents, there is a problem in that they are unable to read aloud picture books to their children. Even if a parent couldn’t “read” a picture book, what if there was a picture book where the story goes exactly the way the parent told the story? The disability would be overcome, and the communication between a parent and their child would become even richer and stronger.

Creative Execution

We created an experiential device, in which pictures are drawn onto a blank white book, as parents tell their stories to their children, creating an original picture book in real time. We had visually impaired parents and their children experience the installation. The original stories that the parents told came to life through real time pictures, and stories changed directions through the children’s imagination. We were able to create a new experience of parent to child picture book reading. In order to execute this experiment, we adopted a system in which a number of illustrators drew pictures according to the parents’ story in real time, composite the individual pictures, and project it onto a blank white book. The story became an actual picture book and was delivered to each parent and child to enjoy.

Through this project, a new possibility for parents who otherwise could not read aloud picture books to their children was born. We were able to deliver a tremendous amount of joy to not only children, but to the visually impaired parents. Not only is this device fit for the visually impaired, but it is a device that can be enjoyed by parents and children with a bountiful amount of creativity. Through this experience that directly engaged parents and children, as well as educators, we were able to communicate Froebel-kan’s core values as a brand that supports children’s healthy upbringing.

This work is relevant for Direct Spikes because, through this project, we were able to create a new way of education for the disabled, and succeeded in creating a strong relationship between parents and educators, and publishing company.

Even though media may change from paper to digital, and convenient tools may appear, the essential value of a picture book will never change. In order spread awareness of how important the act of “parents reading aloud picture books to their children” is, we targeted parents and their children, and developed an experience that combined recent technology with the long existing picture book, and looked to become a topic of conversation between parents and educators.