Bronze Spike
Product / ServiceGUM PLAY
CategoryA03. OTC Products/Devices
EntrantPARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 1-10DRIVE Kyoto, JAPAN
Production 2 1-10 DESIGN Kyoto, JAPAN
Production 3 IMG SRC Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 4 S2 FACTORY Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 5 HONEYCOMB LAB. INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 6 SALVO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 7 QOSMO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 8 BUFFER RENAISS Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 9 AIIN Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 10 AIIN Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing 2 MELODY PUNCH Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing 3 TYMOTE Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing 6 GLASSLOFT Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing 7 +B Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing 8 SHIROGUMI Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Naoki Ito PARTY Creative Director
Keisuke Terashima PARTY Director / Art Director
Yukio Hashiguchi Dentsu Copywriter
Miho Ishizuka PARTY Designer + Art Director (Mouth Monster)
Kotaro Hamada PARTY Planner
Kenta Watashima PARTY Engineer
Shigeyoshi Hayashi PARTY Technical Director
Kimihiro Takano PARTY Creative Producer
Hiroshi Yamanaka PARTY Producer
Jun Tanaka PARTY Executive Director
Toyoshi Morioka 1-10drive, Inc. Technical Director + Engineer
Hirokazu Fujioka 1→10design, Inc. Engineer
Arata Kanbayashi IMG SRC Producer
Shunsaku Ishinabe IMG SRC Technical Director
Kousuke Kita IMG SRC Project Manager
Eiyou Ando Salvo Inc. Engineer
Nao Tokui Qosmo, Inc. Technical Director
Fuyu Arai ROBOT Director
Tsugimasa Tanaka VOYAGER Director
Hiromasa Inoue Shirogumi Producer

The Campaign

G·U·M PLAY changes toothbrushing, the everyday routine every since our first teeth came in, into a fun and effective experience.

Creative Execution

In October 2015, SUNSTAR revealed the G·U·M PLAY prototype and announced that the product would go on sale in 2016 Spring. On 11th April 2016, SUNSTAR held a press conference and introduced G·U·M PLAY device and features of the smartphone apps. As scheduled, G·U·M PLAY hit the market in Japan in Spring 2016. On 18th April 2016, the product became available for purchase online and also at TSUTAYA ELECTRONICS in Futakotamagawa, Tokyo. The device is sold for ¥5,000 (approx £32), with silicon covers in 5 color variations (¥500 each) for you to dress up your own G·U·M PLAY just the way you like.

We invested over two years time to overcome the many difficulties in turning a prototype into an actual consumer product. G·U·M PLAY eventually hit the market in Japan on 18th April 2016. After the press conference held on 11th April, G·U·M PLAY was featured on over 150 news websites and TV news, domestic and international. G·U·M PLAY was also selected by the Webby Awards as nominee in the top five for "Mobile Sites & Apps: Connected Products & Wearables."

"To use G·U·M PLAY, simply attach the device to your toothbrush, install the apps on your smartphone, and brush your teeth as usual. One device may be shared by one family. When not in use, the device also functions as a toothbrush stand. G·U·M PLAY comes in three apps; MOUTH MONSTER, MOUTH BAND and MOUTH NEWS. With the app MOUTH MONSTER, kids can brush the whole mouth effectively by chasing after monsters based on oral bacteria. For grown-ups, G·U·M PLAY offers MOUTH BAND, a music app that changes brushing into playing instruments. MOUTH NEWS plays three minutes of audio news to you as you brush. You can also save news of interest for reading later. While you are having fun, the apps are hard at work analyzing your brushing data to navigate you closer to an oral hygienist’s brushing. Everything is logged, so you can check the scoring of your brushing.


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