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Product / ServiceTHAIHEALTH
CategoryB01. Education & Awareness (incl. Fundraising and Advocacy)


Name Company Position
Suthisak Sucharittanonta BBDO Bangkok Chief Creative Officer
Kasemparn Jujindalert Meour Production Co., Ltd Director
Anuwat Nitipanont BBDO Bangkok Executive Creative Director
Pitha Udomkanjananan BBDO Bangkok Associate Creative Director
Nattagorn Thairattanasuwan BBDO Bangkok Art Director
Manamai Rodpetch BBDO Bangkok Copywriter
Vasanai Pakapongpan BBDO Bangkok Client Service Director
Tanyawan Wongapichart BBDO Bangkok Account Director
Udomluck Sornkarn - Production Producer

The Campaign

Since unhealthy eating behaviours are hard to change, we decided to tackle how Thais eat their food. In cooperation with Thai Health Promotion Foundation, we created “AbsorbPlate,” The world’s first innovative design that makes Thai food less greasy and allow Thais to eat each meal healthier. Hundreds of tiny holes, inspired by the texture of sponge, make AbsorbPlate able to separate excess oil from food before people eat it. The plate can reduce up to 7 ml of grease or approximately 30 calories per plate. The plates were designed to be easy to wash. In order to eat healthier, all they need to do is just continue their regular eating behaviour on our plate.

Creative Execution

We launched AbsorbPlate as an innovation that tackles directly on Thai people’s meal moment and implemented it as an activation campaign. More than 10,000 AbsorbPlate were implemented in touch-points where our targets have their meals every day nationwide: local restaurants, universities, schools, office buildings and food courts . Each plate that was given is still in use and reducing more than 1,000,000 calories everyday from meals since launched.

-More than 10,000 plates were distributed to hundreds of Thai restaurants across the country. - AbsorbPlate are being used in more than 30,000 meals daily. - AbsorbPlate are reducing more than 1,000,000 calories per day, daily. - Thailand’s obesity growth rate decreased by 9% comparing to the same period last year. - Most importantly, Thai people can enjoy their regular meals in a healthier way.

AbsorbPlate is an innovative design that improves the wellbeing of Thai people by actively reducing grease intake in every meal. It penetrates into Thai meals seamlessly and provides diners with a measurable eating solution to help them eat each meal instantly healthier, resulting in a 9% decrease in Thailand’s obesity growth.

The target was defined as people who consume their meals out of home, they do not cook their own meals and consume what’s delicious but not necessarily healthy in restaurants daily. Research shows that unhealthy eating behaviours are hard to change: most Thai people go for what’s delicious and less than 10% of Thais can follow through with their healthy-eating program, the other 90% could not go through with it. So, the strategy was to tackle the food itself and make each meal healthier without requiring our target to change their behaviour. The campaign was applied in touch-points where our target have their meals every day nationwide, which are the local restaurants, and restaurants in universities, schools, offices, and food courts.


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