Product / ServiceSTAYFREE
CategoryB01. Education & Awareness (incl. Fundraising and Advocacy)
EntrantOMD INDIA Mumbai , INDIA
Idea Creation OMD INDIA Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Akash Pandya OMD India Associate Director - Mobile
Amit Lall OMD India VP - Mobile
Naveen Shetty OMD India Group head - Mobile

The Campaign

Stayfree is a brand built on the understanding that different women have different needs when it comes to menstruation and our aim has always been to deliver the best possible individual experience for every woman.But in rural India, where it is still largely media dark, and women’s hygiene conditions are so drastically poor, our task was more challenging to achieve. 88% of India’s 355 million menstruating women have no access to sanitary napkins? Most of them come from rural areas. 75% of these rural women lack the suitable knowledge about personal care and hygiene. The fact is, in many rural communities women are still using sand, ashes or cloth during menstruation. Our objective was to create awareness & provide solutions to their queries around menstruation - A Topic Not very Openly Discussed about.

Creative Execution

Stayfree Stay Ahead helpline a simple to use infotainment portal which is an amalgamation of Entertainment and FAQ’s around Menstruation in three regional languages - Hindi, Marathi & Telugu was built. To reach out to Stayfree’s TG, we approached Operators and pulled out Female database in the age group of 18 to 35 years, thus making the targeting sharp. We even integrated a physical call centre to handle queries that weren’t addressed by the IVR, to connect on a more personal level. The platform was intelligently built to identify the callers circle, and basis the same, a call back is arranged in their respective regional language. To drive re-engagement, SMS push was used. This was purely promoted using Mobile as a medium

When nobody else would let these women speak, we found a way to listen. We created a space of comfort and privacy for them to talk , and gave them a new belief for the future for a topic which is still considered a taboo in many pockets of India. The results are: Total Brand Interaction figures for the campaign reaching over 1.56 million and Total Female Participation rec-orded at 1.16 million. The number of Missed calls received crossed 1.43 million with an average call duration of 3.36 minutes. Over 32,000 calls forwarded to experts

In deep rural pockets of UP, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, women continue to use sand, ashes or cloth during menstruation.As we know, much of rural India still awaits electricity. Hence the solution we had to think of needed to be Simple, Free, Always ON and something which is easily accessible. With growing mobile penetration in the target segment and user convenience, the mobile phone was the perfect tool to connect with these women in a way like never before. Through a simple and innovative combination of entertainment and FAQs on menstruation, we built the Stayfree Stay Ahead Helpline – an infotainment portal made available on the platform that’s most personal to them.


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