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Idea Creation MEDIACOM Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position Publicis Community Manager - India

The Campaign

The customized communication were shown to the mother’s basis on the actual weather condition of the city that particular moment. The dynamic mechanism made sure that the communication stays relevant basis the temperature and communication changes at real time basis the temperature or weather conditions. makes it relevant. If the temperature of the city was below 17 degree, the customized communication on cold was shown and communication changes when temperatures rises at real time basis. Uniqueness of this campaign was creating an additional layer of ‘weather targeting’ on a global platform like Facebook and scaling it across 29 states with pinpoint targeting.

Creative Execution

The challenge did not end with the Media solution ideation. FB native advertising options did not allow weather based real time targeting. The actual challenge was in Implementation of the Idea. We along with TookiTaki integrated with weather API that could process real time weather feed. This API was then integrated on the Facebook platform to fire multiple dynamic creatives basis pre-defined weather conditions/parameters. We built multiple parameters in the API of temperature that would trigger Ads basis rules set. Show Ads only if the temperature <17 degree Celsius. This custom solution helped us target the audience in the same city with different temperature with different contextual communication. For e.g a person in north of the cities could see the Vicks communication on his feed when the temperatures hit below 17degress vs a guy in south of the city who did not see any communication because of higher temperature.

The business results were phenomenal. This was the most successful social media campaign ever done for Vicks A study done to capture the impact of the campaign revealed that - Business in target markets went up by 120 to 150 vs Year ago Vicks VapoRub Ad recall went up by +11 points from 10% to 21% Message association went up by +3 points from 41% to 44% Unaided brand awareness went up +5points Purchase Intent increased by 200% We were able to further consolidate our Market share in cough and cold category already dominated by us.

Indian climate/temperature changes from region to region and city to city. Each city in the same state has different temperature at the same time. So Mass media was not a viable options for customize communication and target real time targeting with weather change. In addition to this we had a specific TG ‘Mothers’ to be reached out in a sizeable manner. Facebook became the qualified platform choice. We choose Facebook on three parameters. Relevance : single largest platform for display on digital with time spent of >2 hrs /month Targeting: allows us to target parents basis on profile Reach: potential 10 million parents could be reached on FB We thus created India’s FIRST “Facebook” WEATHER TARGETING CAMPAIGN with customized communication basis the weather of the city.


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