Product / ServiceBLOOD DONATION
CategoryB01. Education & Awareness (incl. Fundraising and Advocacy)
Idea Creation McCANN HEALTH Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production McCANN HEALTH Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production 2 MRM//McCANN Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
John Scott McCann Health Creative Director
Sean Riley McCann Health Executive Creative Director
Louise Hewitt McCann Health Copy Writer
Daniel Lee Semicolon Creative Partner
Keshav Sishta Blackbird Productions Director Of Photography
Dante Abelarde MRM//McCann Singapore Creative Director
Brendon Chase MRM//McCann Singapore Director of User Experience & Performance
Dhillon Singh MRM//McCann Singapore Copywriter
Victor Soh MRM//McCann Singapore Senior Art Director
Nigel Heng MRM//McCann Singapore Director of Video

The Campaign

To conquer the problem of an ever-growing demand for different blood types throughout the year, we created a website that collects blood. How? Through telling 8 stories of life saving blood donations. Through pointing users to an app that helps to get their friends and families to also give blood. By exploding myths about giving blood, and to convince and prove to Singaporeans that their blood is going to help real people in need. Quite simply our website needed to be the vehicle to drive awareness, educate, and collect blood on behalf of the many Singaporeans in need of a life-saving transfusion. Another way of looking at this…“Because you were there for me my son has a mother, I have a future, my daughter has a father. Thank you Singapore for being there for me.”

Creative Execution

We created a website (and campaign) that celebrates the lives of people saved by blood donation. We filmed a series of 8 short video testimonials to give a face to the people saved, step-by-step info-graphic animations highlighting the blood donation process, blood myth-busters showcasing actual fears stopping Singaporeans from donating and an app to help notify donors when blood is low and how to get to the nearest blood centre to donate. All of the assets we created where carefully designed with the intention of creating a slick User Interface that potential blood donors would find easy and interesting to navigate. Graphic styles are blended with real life testimonials to communicate our messages in a non-threatening way. The website and supporting content was all created over a series of 3 months and was rolled out towards the last quarter of 2015.

It is still early days for the campaign and website launch but the stats show: • User time spent on Redcross website = 1 min 15 sec on average (General webpage visit duration for other sites = less than 20secs) • Standard app download conversion rate = 1% or less. The Redcross website performed 7 times better • 14.16% of site visitors clicked on “Where to donate” button (Jan – Mar) • 28.64% of site visitors clicked on “Where to donate” button (Mar)

We wanted to employ the latest behaviour change theory to optimise our campaign – however we also recognised that this is an extremely sensitive subject. While we do want to create the most persuasive story possible we are also acutely aware that Red Cross would never set out to (and must also never been seen to) manipulate it’s audience. What we do know is that a number of different techniques can be used to help people engage with an issue on a personal level: Personal resonance: Donors need to personally identify with the action they are being asked to take – not just the impact their action will have. Reciprocity: Although blood donation is not a rational economic transaction there is an emotional ‘exchange’ involving ‘the transfer of emotional and moral value’. Layered behind our donor stories we leveraged both ideas – using highly personalised stories to connect with our audience.


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