Product / ServiceXALKORI
CategoryE04. Education & Services aimed at Healthcare Professionals
Idea Creation DDB REMEDY Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Narve Thakrar DDB Remedy Business Director
Scott Smith DDB Remedy Creative Director
Shane McCartney Mode Games Technical Director / Owner
Sneha Maroo DDB Remedy Digital Project Manager
Chris Luus DDB Remedy Freelance Medical Writer
John Bertolini DDB Remedy Managing Director

The Campaign

Rather than just tell medical oncologists about the benefits of early testing, we immersed them in an interactive first-hand demonstration. A completely portable virtual reality experience – accessed via sales reps’ iPhones when loaded into Zeiss VR One headsets during a regular sales visit. The medical oncologist is guided through a futuristic laboratory by CR1Z, an artificial intelligence that provides narration to their exploration - of patient holograms, the testing process, tumor sites, histological slides and more. All totally controlled by the headset wearer’s eye movement.

Creative Execution

The Xalkori VR portable laboratory was conceptualised in November 2015 and required a long approval in process (including pitching to multiple parts of the client’s organisation). This is the first portable VR experience being used in field with medical oncologists in Australia. Sales representatives have begun to use the experience in field with Medical Oncologists in July 2016. Two further experiences being launched in January 2017. The Global Pfizer Innovation team has also expressed the desire to localise the experience for global markets including the US and other Asia Pac markets.

The initiative has only just launched in Australia, and already the response is extremely positive – with high engagement and intention to act. As a direct consequence of this, Pfizer is rolling this experience out globally and has committed funding to develop additional portable VR experiences.

We have three strategic pillars for Xalkori: Identify - Unlock the ALK+ patients by increasing ALK testing via raised awareness – embed local and regional pathology labs to adopt concurrent EGFR/ALK testing and reflex models to effectively diagnose ALK+ patients. Solidify - Establish 1st Line Standard of Care for ALK positive NSCLC branding Xalkori synonymous with ALK positive NSCLC. We are the only ALK inhibitor to boast 3 phase 3 studies in the market. Amplify – Enhance Xalkori value proposition by educating customers on quality-of-life benefits, intracranial control (BM) 60% at 12 weeks, superior PFS to chemo, build educational platforms on ALK patient management and explore digital touch points to engage our customers. In addition, in-built cloud-based reporting provided real-time feedback on location, duration and number of test lab experiences.