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Priya Shivakumar J Walter Thompson Executive Creative Director
Pradeep Ravindran J Walter Thompson Creative Director
Ashwin Lingan J Walter Thompson Copywriter
Abhijit Mallick J Walter Thompson Senior Creative Director
Devika Inca Dutt J Walter Thompson Illustrator
Deepika Ravishankar J Walter Thompson Art Director
Pranay Roy J Walter Thompson Art Director
Mihir Karkare Mirum India Vice President
Shinoy Chenetra Mirum India Assistant Manager - MIS, Analytics
Senthil Kumar J Walter Thompson India Chief Creative Officer

The Campaign

Simple Solution : Replace Donation with Saving your blood in a Savings Bank Account. The Red Cross launched the World’s First Savings Account for Blood, where you can save your own blood, just the way you’d save your money in a bank. You can keep track of your Savings through the Blood Banking App that has been designed to simulate phone banking apps both in form and function. Even the terminology is as simple and user friendly. This is where technology meets real life problem solving. The App on your Mobile Phone reminds you to make deposits of your blood every three months. And should a situation arise when you need blood, you know exactly how much you have, without having to reach out to anyone else. It’s as easy as that. So next time, when someone is in need of blood, its right there at your fingertips.

Creative Execution

BLOOD BANKING WAS LAUNCHED ON 3RD APRIL 2016. The RED TAP was created using the iconic Red Cross symbol as the visual element that runs through all the design applications on the websites, mobile app, and every other touch point. You can set up an appointment online and walk in to save your blood at any Red Cross Affiliated Blood Bank, and you can download the Blood Banking App onto your mobile phone from the website or from Google Play. Hundreds of Red Cross Volunteers have also been trained to activate Blood Banking Accounts with just a mobile phone number. From the day of its launch, every blood donation drive was renamed a Red Cross Blood Banking Drive. Mobile Blood Banks took the initiative deep into rural areas and helped activate thousands of Blood banking accounts.

The Blood banking App and Activation Campaign made the headlines of all the major Dailies and was the Breaking News across many news channels earning PR worth millions. #BloodBanking made it to the front page of twitter and was trending for over a week with over 3 million impressions. Social networks and instagram channels were flooded with slideshows and videos that made this a national movement with thousands of shares. Doctors, Bloggers, Influencers, Red Cross Volunteers and Unique Authors helped spread the word like wildfire. In the first 30 days, The Red Cross has registered 152,100+ Blood Banking Accounts. Most Importantly 132,003+ UNITS of blood collected. More than six times the number of units from the previous month collected by the Red Cross. This campaign helped change human behavior by urging people to form a life saving habit.

While the first stage of this campaign involved education and awareness about the unique Savings Account for Blood and the Blood banking App. The next 30 days saw a series of Blood Banking Drives to activate and open Blood Banking Accounts across urban and rural India to educate and activate thousands of new accounts. Hundreds of Blood Banking camps have been planned across the country in the coming months to achieve the target of one million account holders. Because when 01 million account holders make 03 blood deposits during the course of one year, we will be reducing the nation’s blood deficit to zero. The Health Ministry and The Government Of India is working with the Red Cross Society to make this noble initiative into a national movement.


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