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Product / ServiceOTC MEDICATION
CategoryA04. Nutraceuticals
Idea Creation J. WALTER THOMPSON Shanghai, CHINA
Production GWANTSI Shanghai, CHINA
Production 2 MIX STUDIO Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Henry & Ssong Gwantsi Director
Elaine Pang Gwantsi Producer
Paul Lan Gwantsi Editor
Brian Lee Gwantsi Editor
Mego Lin Gwantsi Cameraman
Chiara Capitanio J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Business Director
Joanna Zhao J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Senior Account Director
Echo Zhang J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Account Manager
Beni Bao J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Senior Account Executive
Brian Ng J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Head of Planning
Violet Zhao J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Planner
Gavin Lum J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Digital Director
Shang Da J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Social Media Manager
Valentine Hsia J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Social Media Manager
Gomi Gao J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Social Writer
Reus Hu J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Social Writer
Dora Zhou J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Producer
Andy Loo Always (Shanghai) Marketing Services Co., Ltd Digital Director
Deepwhite Gwantsi Composer
Norman Tan J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Chief Creative Officer
Mankit Auyeung J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Group Creative Director
Justin Leung J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Associate Creative Director
Anna Yang J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Associate Art Director
Selwyn Low J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Associate Creative Director
Hsien Chao J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Copywriter
Sean Tang J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Senior Designer
Connie Chua J. Walter Thompson Shanghai Head of Production
Joe Li / Producer

The Campaign

If dads-to-be can’t enter the ultrasound room, we’ll bring the ultrasound room to them. We created a wearable device that gave three fathers-to-be an experience they have been missing out. Unknown to them, this device recreates the pulsating sensation of their unborn babies’ heartbeats. With their wives by their side, the fathers experienced their baby’s heartbeat pulsate against their chest. Immediately it dawned on them that this was the first time they felt so close to their babies, overwhelming them with joy. Their reactions and stories were documented in a film titled All For That First Hello.

Creative Execution

This was an intricate campaign that required many moving parts. Alongside the process of casting real-life pregnant couples with stories of their struggles, we were also building the wearable device that captured the baby’s heartbeat. Ultrasound data was captured from fetal dopplers and processed into a soundwave which was synced real-time to a mobile app via the cloud. The wearable device comprises a BLE 4.0 Arduino board, a LiPo battery and vibrating motors with a step-up regulator. Filming the documentary was a delicate process as careful planning was required to ensure the fathers had no idea what’s to come so that we can extract the most genuine of emotions. Seeding the filming took proper planning with the right kind of key opinion leaders in the field of family planning as well as mainstream social celebrities.

In the first 24 hours of its launch, the film attracted 3.5 million views. Netizens were touched by the joy that these fathers were experiencing for the first time. Discussions and questions surrounding the relevance of hospital policies that prevented fathers from entering ultrasound rooms were raised. To date, All For That First Hello has been seen by over 14.7 million people. We achieved 185% increase on the CTR to Elevit’s e-commerce page as well as 50% increase of visits to the Elevit website ever since the campaign began.

Most couples we pre-interviewed shared with us their regret that dads-to-be are not allowed into the ultrasound room due to common hospital regulations. Unearthing this insight allowed us to create a social topic and move the audience. Furthermore, we wanted to speak to the head via the heart. What better way to discuss the importance of a baby’s healthy development than to show a father truly experiencing a miracle? Upon realizing that they are feeling their babies’ heartbeat, their genuine reactions of the fathers spoke volumes about the priceless experience of the first signs of life. And it drove home the key message that a developing baby requires the best care with as much nutrients as possible.


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