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Name Company Position
Cyril Louis Holler Australia Creative Director
Long Truong Holler Australia Art Director
Jonathan Shannon Holler Australia Copywriter
Drew Kilpatrick Holler Australia Designer
Andre Venancio Holler Australia Creative Technologist
Mike Hazell Holler Australia Technical Lead
Kiyo Nishimura Holler Australia Senior Front End Developer
Sesh Varigonda Holler Australia Back End Developer
Vlad Mehakovic Holler Australia Head of CX
Matteo Grand Holler Australia UX Architect
Michael Griffiths Holler Australia Executive Producer
Mike Montgomery Holler Australia Producer

The Campaign

By merging tried and tested technologies with innovative new ones, we came up with an in-store installation that was able to demonstrate to our customers that the mind and body were intrinsically linked. We did this through EEG-devices – a trusted scientific technology capable of measuring brainwaves. With the help of professors of Cognitive Neuroscience we created a product that depicted those brainwaves in a real-time visualization that showed the link between mind and body in the most surprising way. This hybrid of technologies allowed users to discover for themselves that their minds had a direct impact on their physical health and wellbeing, and vice versa – that their body also effected their state of mind. So, we were able to address a fundamental misconception, that being healthy is not merely a physical thing, and demonstrated in a real and measurable way that good health really begins in the mind.

Creative Execution

With The Mindful Ocean, we’ve created an innovative application that merges several technologies in an entirely new way. First, we used an electroencephalogram device – a scientifically credible technology used to measure brainwaves – fashioned into an easily-worn headband. Next, we worked with a professor in Cognitive Neuroscience to isolate the appropriate brainwaves. We then created a webGL-ocean, fed by the real-time data coming from the EEG-device, to visually represent the wearer’s brainwaves on screen. The calmer the mind was, the quieter the ocean visualized on the screen would be, and vice versa. Next, we created tests to simulate relaxation and cognitive discomfort. With a simple meditative breathing exercise, we demonstrated that when the body relaxed, so did the mind. Next, we asked questions designed to produce physical discomfort – knots in the stomach, or perspiration. So, again wearers could see the direct correlation between their physical and mental experiences.

More than just an informative experience, The Mindful Ocean has quickly become a key conversation enabler. • It has increased dwell time in-store by 130%, • It’s been responsible for 12.5% of new leads • 25% of those who tried it in store bought brain health products on the spot Even more importantly, we’ve: • debunked a popular misconception • changed the attitudes and behaviour of people of all ages and backgrounds • invented an education tool that could make a significant contribution to the health and wellbeing of vast numbers of people.

Our task was to deliver a personalised in-store digital experience to people aged between 15 to 60 years old. The aim was to debunk the widely-held misconception that being healthy simply entails taking care of the body. In fact, both mind and body are integral to good health. Our approach aimed to demonstrate that fact by using trusted and scientifically credible technologies to create an experience that would demonstrate that good health begins in the mind. On this basis, we would gather data for follow-up communications that would help us to deepen our message. Last but not least, as a by-product of our efforts, we’d facilitate the sale of brain health supplements.


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