Product / ServicePULSENSE
CategoryB01. Education & Awareness (incl. Fundraising and Advocacy)
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 ISOBAR Tokyo, JAPAN
Production PYRAMID FILM Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Yujiro Kaizawa Dentsu Inc. , Dentsu Isobar Inc. Creative Director
Masashi Omae Dentsu Inc. Copywriter
Tatsuya Abe PYRAMIDFILM QUADRA INC. Planner / Director
Yoshitaka Kawano SWEETS & STREAM INC. Technical Director
Takayoshi Ishii Agyou. co., Ltd. Programmer
Takahiro Ogawa Dentsu Inc. Account Planner
Kosuke Hayashi PYRAMIDFILM QUADRA INC. Production Producer
Megumi Jin PYRAMIDFILM QUADRA INC. Production Producer
Hikaru Tanaka Dentsu Inc. Account Exective
Hiroshige Banba Dentsu Inc. Account Exective
Mitsuhito Ichiba Dentsu Isobar Inc. Producer
Masato Okada Dentsu Isobar Inc. Producer

The Campaign

In urban areas, most office workers use train transfer guide service on their phones. Collaborate with the transfer guide which indicates a route to walk your one last station.The guide will show the actual scenery of walking route and expected calorie consumption that can be burned to stimulate the users’ motivation to walk. It will encourage everyday exercise and help the users achieve the recommended calorie consumption amount per day. It will also quantify your daily health activity which will motive to spend a healthy lifestyle.

Creative Execution

1. Set “The Healthiest Route” under the search result. 2. Simulate the scene, weather condition, expected calorie consumption, should the one station be walked. 3. Stimulate motivation to walk your one last station by showing the actual image of the route and quantifying its merit.

We have produced a brand new mobile ad which collaborates with a Navigation Service which motivates the user for a more healthy lifestyle. This is the first ever ad to collaborate with one of Japan’s largest navigation search engine. The eco-friendly and healthy mobile ad shows the positive effect of exercise in a numeric and graphical manner, and stimulate you to walk your one last station when you are taking a train. By simply tapping the ad which is shown as the “Healthiest Route “ , the users may know how many calories can be burned if they walk the last station, what kind of scenery they can see on the way, and the weather. The ad was highly appraised by office workers as it had motivated them for a healthier lifestyle and also they could use their time efficiently for exercise in their daily commute.

It is recommended to burn 300kcal per day for good health*. However, average Japanese males consume only 246kcal by walking in on a daily basis, which is 54kcal short from recommended consumption amount. In Japan, within the urban areas, distance between two train stations of a same line is on an average of 1.7km. By walking, this 1.7km can help you burn 73kcal. This indicates that by walking one station before your final destination, we can efficiently overcome our lack of exercise. * Reference: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare [Health Japan 21 (Physical Activity/Exercise)]


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