Product / ServiceISODINE
CategoryB01. Education & Awareness (incl. Fundraising and Advocacy)
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Name Company Position
Nobuyuki Kobayashi Polaris Planning Director
Junichiro Kamitomo izanagi Web Director
Kayoko Ishikawa Polaris Account Director
Kazumi Furuya Polaris Medical Engagement
Ayako Fujita Polaris Event Clerk
Kenichi Otani Polaris Creative Director
Hiroshi Eda Aoi Pro Executive Director
Chihiro Izeki Aoi Pro Planner
Miyuki Yamamoto C3Film Producer

The Campaign

As reported in the news lately, our lives are surrounded by various risks of infection. Furthermore, infections are passed on by viruses, which mean that they go beyond personal illness and spread as an issue that affects all of society. In that light, the "Total Care for Infection" website, based on the theme of "not receiving and not giving" infections, raises awareness on the importance of daily prevention and introduces daily infection prevention measures like "gargling" and "hand washing." The TCI logo, short for Total Care for Infection, was created to spread the "TCI" message. The logo arranges the letters T, C, and I like a face to symbolically convey prevention of viruses from entering through the nose and mouth. The logo, in addition to the website, is used in awareness leaflets, stickers, and other applications.

Creative Execution

In addition to the launch of the TCI site, we have hosted "media seminars" and "pharmacist awareness seminars" given by KOLs as a part of offline TCI activities. In particular, we have hosted "pharmacist awareness seminars" on a continuous basis and contributed to improving awareness toward "Total Care for Infection" and establishing its practice among the general public. The TCI site introduced in these seminars offers information on infections while also providing a "new gargling video" to promote infection control measures as a tool to support the HCPs' educational efforts.

Market share of ISODINE after three months from launch of the TCI site: its share in the gargling market rose from 0% to 18%. Currently, the product is offered in 12,700 stores. <Other results> - Participants in media seminar: 25 Journalists - Participants in pharmacist seminars: Makuhari area: 45, Osaka area: 41, Tokyo area: 43 - The TCI site will be introduced in TCI leaflets to be distributed to elementary school students (50,000 copies.)

The TCI site, starting from its launch version, will expand as a curation site that offers infection information to HCP (Health Care Professionals, i.e. pharmacists, public health center/school nurses, etc. ). We will establish its positioning as a hub of TCI activity that promotes increased awareness among the general public through these HCPs.


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