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Idea Creation GREAT WORKS Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
YO SUZUKI Great Works KK Creative Director
Sayaka Imamura GREAT WORKS Creative Director
Aiko Hamada GREAT WORKS Art Director
Chihiro Ikeyama GREAT WORKS Producer
Kei Oyama GREAT WORKS Producer
Atsushi Kanno Jubilo Iwata. Physical Coach
Miyuki Nakai Nonprofit Organization KOKORO NO OSHABERI KOBO Music Therapy Adviser
Yuji Ikegaya The University of Tokyo Professor Department of Chemical Pharmacology Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Koichi Tsurusaki Yamaha Music Artist, Inc. Composer, Arranger and Lyricist
Hideki Kuroda MiCRO FILM Producer
Soichi Nakazumi Z-CUP Director
Ryo Namba smooth inc. Photographer
Yohei Fujiwara UNITED INC. CEO
Eriko Hamada Office Keyword co.,ltd. actress
Natsuki Takimoto Material Inc. PR Director
Kazumi Kurose Material Inc. PR Director
Tomoya Sasaki Park Inc. Art Director / Founder
Naohiro Kitagawa KAYAC Inc. Producer
Soichi Izumi KAYAC Inc. Director
Kazuhito Takada KAYAC Inc. Director
Risa Honma KAYAC Inc. Director
Rina Tanaka KAYAC Inc. Director
Toru Obara KAYAC Inc. Designer
Shiho Ishizuka KAYAC Inc. Designer
Chihiro Yokoyama KAYAC Inc. Designer
Koumei Sato Kappuku inc. Markup Engineer
Shun Motoki KAYAC Inc. Engineer

The Campaign

We developed a unique stretching exercise under the theme of our company’s slogan “Revs Your Heart”. The development of our exercise involved introduction of the latest stretching methods under the supervision of a professional coach who is responsible for the physical conditioning for athletes. We also incorporated approaches of neuroscience and music therapy in our exercise to perfect our stretching exercise to be something that “Revs” one’s mind and body.

Creative Execution

We announced the message from the director of the exercise on the office broadcast and displayed posters and banners in-house. The tutorial video, BGM and pamphlet of the exercise were posted on the website to also encourage people outside of the company to enjoy our stretching exercise. We also attempted to improve motivations of people both in-house and outside of the company to practice the Rev Stretch by quantifying its effect on the participants’ minds and bodies based on the survey of our employees, and delivering the result through the in-house newsletter and news release.

The result of the survey showed that the participation rate of our workers considerably increased. One of our departments improved its participation rate from less than 20% to over 80% after the renewal. 65% of the participants answered that the exercise was effective in refreshment and reducing stresses. With regard to spreading our brand slogan, which was our initial purpose of developing this exercise, 64% of them answered that it gave them an opportunity to feel familiar with the word “Rev”. It thus became clear that our approach through the exercise has been successful. The Rev Stretch has won the attention of media as a method for dealing with stress and managing workers’ health condition, and it is not only practiced within our company, but also enjoyed by many people at various places.

Aiming to enlighten our workers about YAMAHA Motor’s slogan, “Revs Your Heart”, we developed this stretching exercise under such catchphrase as a theme, which has resulted in a contribution to spreading our brand slogan both in-house and outside of the company. In Japan the stress check was made obligatory to companies in October 2015. Meanwhile, Rev Stretch became popular as a solution for the highly concerned issue existing among Japanese society.

By developing a new stretching exercise we attempted to increase both our staff’s interest and the rate of our in-house participation in the exercise, as well as to spread our brand slogan among the workers. As we carried out PR that linked the organizations’ stress issues that the present Japanese society faces, the exercise was greatly successful in introducing our brand slogan to people outside of the company as well.


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