Silver Spike
Product / ServiceOKAMOTO ZERO ONE
CategoryA03. OTC Products/Devices
Idea Creation BIRDMAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 DENTSU AD-GEAR Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 4 COPYWRITER INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production BIRDMAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 GEEK PICTURES Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 3 AKIYAMAKOBO INC. Saitama, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Mai Abe AUR, Inc. PR Director
Takeo Aoki DENTSU AD-GEAR INC. Account Executive
Takashi Egawa DENTSU AD-GEAR INC. Account Executive
Hideki Ikeda DENTSU AD-GEAR INC. Account Executive
Roy Ryo Tsukiji Birdman Inc. Creative Director
Naohiro Kamei DENTSU AD-GEAR Inc. Creative Director
Takayuki Nagai Birdman Inc. Planner
Miwa Yamauchi DENTSU AD-GEAR INC. Planner
Yuko Konishi DENTSU AD-GEAR INC. Strategic Planner
Yuki Morikawa BIRDMAN Inc. Director
Takayuki Komatsu BIRDMAN Inc. Technical Director
Ryotaro Nakano BIRDMAN Inc. Art Director
Yuji Yamashina DENTSU AD-GEAR INC. Art Director
Daisuke Watanabe BIRDMAN Inc. Product Designer
Tetsuji Hasegawa Copywriter Inc. Copywriter
Maho Okamoto BIRDMAN Inc. Copywriter
Yosuke Fujimoto BIRDMAN Inc. Developer
Mayumi Morioka BIRDMAN Inc. Developer
Satoshi Imanishi BIRDMAN Inc. Device Enginner
Kanta Takeuchi BIRDMAN Inc. Cameraman
Takeru Kobayashi BIRDMAN Inc. Technical Director
Takahisa Maeda BIRDMAN Inc. Technical Director
Yuta Yamada BIRDMAN Inc. Cameraman
Sho Kakazu BIRDMAN Inc. Cameraman
Kiyoharu Mitsui R-style.Inc. Modeling Director
Hideto Honda R-style.Inc. Machine Designer
Yusuke Takase THE DIRECTORS GUILD Movie Director
Naoki Kanehira GEEK PICTURES INC. Movie Producer
Ikumi Suzuki BIRDMAN Inc. Project Manager
Iku Ando BIRDMAN Inc. Project Manager
Shunji Kitamura AUR, Inc. PR Consultant

The Campaign

Through research we discovered young people had concerns such as, forgetting to carry condoms, and not knowing the right timing to take the condom out. The wearable condom device, “Zero One Belt” was invented on one hypothesis that the condom usage will increase along with Japanese condom-carrying habit. The condom will be safely stored inside the belt buckle. By saying "Zero One" the belt will be activated and shoot out a condom to a perfect position for the wearer to catch. With this invention, the two major concerns all Japanese were facing can be solved.

Creative Execution

The Zero One Belt being developed to function with the Apple Watch was also part of the PR strategy. It made the name Zero One to be remembered with the feature where you say Zero One to the Apple Watch which will activate the belt.

Zero One Belt was covered by numerous media, such as TV, newspaper, magazine, and online media, earning over 40 million PV, 4 billion yen worth of media exposure, and increased 44% sales than the previous year. It became the hot topics of discussion on social media among younger generation. This became the icebreaker for people to communicate openly about condoms. This project raised brand awareness, and contributed on elevating the brand image.

We conducted a survey about condom usage among 400 people who resides in Japan, and posted the results on the website. From the research we discovered that people tend to forget to carry a condom with them, and they weren't sure of the right timing to take out the condom before having sex. To solve these problems we took it to the next level and announced the invention of a device that will allow you to carry a condom with you at all times. By creating something people have never seen, we gained young people's attention and the news spread all over, in a country where there is very little information about condoms.


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