CategoryC01. Viral Film
EntrantW Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation W Shanghai, CHINA
Production W Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
3water Lee W Creative Director
Sam Chen W Copywriter
Ermu Wang W Senior Art Director
Boyang Xu W Art Director
Chen Lok W Producer
Fan He W Senior Designer

Brief Explanation, a “Yelp” type app, opens widely a door to “dine and dash” by offering myriad chances of “feasting, swigging and all kinds of joys ” either for free or on promotion. Then, how can we deliver the coolest service experience ever and how to make it a crazy, funny and burning hot topic among all the consumers by breaking the box of vulgar hype? We created a virtual hacker to tell us about the superapp that he’d designed: Appmixer combines any two apps into a new one with interesting new features. All apps are included into app by the super app for the creation of a “Tyrannosaurs Dianping” app that lets you have things for free. People were totally convinced by the cool service experience and social hype was thus generated, spreading all over the asia and sending people to develop a real app just like that.


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