Product / ServiceOFFICE 365
CategoryC02. Branded Content & Entertainment Film
EntrantVML Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation VML Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Aden Hepburn VML Executive Creative Director
Debbi Vandeven VML Global Chief Creative Officer
Chris Scott VML Creative Director
Tahlia Calvisi VML Senior Copywriter
Jessie Jordan VML Senior Copywriter
Morris Rojas VML Senior Designer
Ryan Sproull VML Lead Planner / Senior Digital Strategist
Miles Scott VML Agency Producer
Carly Harrison VML Australia Agency Producer
Sam Yeomans GPY&R Sydney Content Producer
Betsy Ligibel VML Business Director
Andrew Killey VML Account Director
Ellie Jameson VML Senior Account Manager
Rob Stanton-Cook Infinity Squared Director
Annie Schutt Infinity Squared Producer
James Ashbolt Infinity Squared Editor
James Brown Freelancer DOP

Brief Explanation

Julia is a young imaginative girl with an idea: a machine that pumps out delicious flavoured bubbles (Flubbles). Using various kinds of technology, she works with three experts to design her dream machine. The first expert is a cake maker who helps Julia brainstorm and create interesting flavours for her bubbles. The second expert is a product designer who works with Julia to invent a piano-like machine, where each key activates a different flavour of bubbles. And the third expert is a “bubble-ologist”, who brings his bubble science to making bubble mixture imbued with the flavours Julia has invented. The finished product is revealed to Julia, and her excited reaction captured. She plays with the machine with her three adult expert friends. Finally, she takes the Flubble Machine to a playground, where she shares it with other children.