Short List
Product / ServiceKWI REFRESH SPRAY
CategoryB01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
EntrantI&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation I&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kairi Manabe I&S BBDO inc. / BBDO J WEST inc. Copywriter
Takeru Nagasaki I&S BBDO inc. Planner
Yoshihisa Ogata I&S BBDO inc.e Executive Creative Director
Kairi Manabe I&S BBDO inc. Creative Director
Mariko Tsutsumi TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Producer
Yuki Taninaka TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Production Manager
Akane Maekawa TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Production Manager
Shuhei Yamabe TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Director
Ryutaro Takahashi Freelance Lighting
Tatsuyuki Kozen CRANK Cameraman
Tatsuyuki Kozen CRANK colorist
Chie Okamoto SUI Art
Masayuki takazawa I&S BBDO inc. Account Executive
Shoichi Morishige I&S BBDO inc. Account Executive
Shinya Kiyokawa invisible design lab Sound Director
Akari Tatsumi TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Sound Engineer
Shuji Daito TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Editor
Yoshitoku Muraishi Freelance Gimmick
Yuki Maeda Freelance Tap Dancer
Satomi Chida PR Times PR Planner
Hidehumi Chida PR Times PR Planner
Keita Nagahara Freelance Casting
Kanon Miyahara Tambourine Artists actress
mahna mahna Freelance Stylist
Natsumi Tagashira Freelance Hair Artist
Mizuki Kawano Freelance narrator

Brief Explanation

A story of a female employee suddenly knocking out her bosses and colleagues in the office one after the other with fierce kicks. But in the end, we find out that people were knocked down not because of her kicks, but by the bad smell coming from her feet. With this video, we appealed the importance of freshening up your feet to Japanese business people in a very impactful manner.


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