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CategoryA01. Creative Effectiveness
Idea Creation BBDO INDIA Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Josy Paul BBDO India Chairman & Chief Creative Officer
Hemant Shringy BBDO India Executive Creative Director
Sandeep Sawant BBDO India Executive Creative Director
Rajat Mendhi BBDO India Executive Vice President - Planning
Ajai Jhala BBDO India Chief Executive Officer
Rajdeepak Das BBDO India Executive Creative Director
Keegan Dmello BBDO India Account Director

Brief Explanation

Shaving for the Indian man has been a key grooming habit. But this had begun to change. Due to the lack of social pressure to shave, and increased proximity to girls, a spray of deodorant had become a key grooming habit for men Vs. shaving. What this meant for Gillette was that an adjacent product in the male grooming category, deodorants, was threatening its business. To change this, we needed to reassert shaving, and hence Gillette, as the most important male grooming habit. Our strategy was to leverage the influencing power of women over their partners and spouses. Research conducted by Grazia India, a leading women’s magazine revealed to us that 83% women thought men with stubble haven’t had a bath. By drawing public attention and giving voice to women’s views with respect to hygiene and shaving, we believed we could encourage conversations in social media to gently persuade men to make shaving their key grooming habit. Thus was born the Gillette campaign, ‘Unshaven is Unbathed’. This campaign surpassed all its set objectives: • 4 million consumers engaged with the brand. • It generated record breaking USD 9.4 million in free-media and publicity. • Not just that, it helped grow sales of Gillette Fusion & Mach3 razors by 64% while putting negative pressure on the deodorant category.