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Product / ServiceUNI NOODLE
CategoryA01. Creative Effectiveness


Name Company Position
Innovate Films Innovate Films Production company
Lo Ging Zim Free Director
Richard Yu ADK TAIWAN Chief Creative Officer
Nicole Chen ADK TAIWAN Creative Director
Ariel Wei ADK TAIWAN Copywriter
Bell Bai ADK TAIWAN Art Director
Ryu Liu ADK TAIWAN Art Director

Brief Explanation

Since established in 1971, Uni-Noodle has preserved the goodness in its noodles with very little flavouring and led Taiwanese instant noodles market. But in recent years, competitors start to create variety with loads of condiments, being the leading brand does present its challenges. Base on the survey results, we had important finding which presented our challenges as how to re-create the product value and rejuvenate the brand image for young generation. We took the advantage of the plain flavour of Uni-Noodle to invent various creative Uni-Noodle fusion recipes based on moods. Then, we created a fictional noodle shop, the “House of Little Moments”, as the background in our story and filmed a micro movie series. The owner of the noodle shop, who is as old as the brand, makes fusion Uni-Noodle recipes that are inspired by customers’ moods. By doing so, we were able to tell consumers that Uni-Noodle can not only be seasoned with ingredients, but also be flavoured by moods. The movies were broadcast both online and mobile, while teaser films were aired on TV. In order to further increase brand preference and brand awareness, we launched a campaign website includes recipes and cooking demonstration videos. After viewing the movies, people could link to the creative cuisine recipes. Many people actually tried the recipes, shared the photos of the dishes they made on the internet and said they’d love to visit the noodle shop if it really existed. The responses were so positive that we decided to open a real noodle shop - many people who were touched by the movies visited the noodle shop and ordered the same dishes which cooked in the movies. They shared their experience on their own initiative on the social media, thus creating even more buzz. The real noodle shop was tremendously successful to make us continued launching the Season 2 series movie, and the new brand-experienced - opened several 7-11 shop-in-shops within the biggest convenience store chain in Taiwan. Therefore, customers who were touched by the movies can visit a shop-in-shop nearby. The two Season micro movie series each got rapidly views on Youtube ; Season 1 got over 8.7 million views with 3 months and Season 2 got 8.4 million views within 2 months and still continue to accumulate views. By the spread effect, other content which related to the movies also got large numbers of views, like OST of the movies and the recipe videos. The sales increased by 37% from the Season 1 campaign launched and kept increasing by 34% after the Season 2 campaign launched. The key word about the campaign and the brand had an obvious exposure in the keyword search as well. Moreover, many people said they’re fans of this series and they wish that season 3 is coming soon. The campaign strengthened brand loyalty and attracted more youth. Now, Uni-Noodle doesn’t only symbolize simple, delicious instant noodles, but has evolved into a mood-expressing food brand.