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CategoryA01. Creative Effectiveness
Idea Creation COLENSO BBDO Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Nick Worthington Colenso BBDO Creative Chairman
Hannah Habgood Colenso BBDO Copywriter
Neville Doyle Colenso BBDO Planning Director
Paul Gunn Colenso BBDO Head of Activation & PR
Mike Davison Colenso BBDO Head of Art
Kristal Knight Colenso BBDO Art Director
Rachael Macklin Colenso BBDO Senior Copywriter
Sarah Williams Colenso BBDO Group Business Director
Hannah Watson Colenso BBDO Senior Account Manager
Serena Fountain-Jones Colenso BBDO Senior Producer
Sarah Oberman Colenso BBDO Planner
Gene Wheaton Colenso BBDO Digital Designer
Rek Kok Colenso BBDO Retoucher
Tim White IDC Worldwide Limited Director Of Photography
Michele Richards IDC Worldwide Limited Producer
Marco Siraky Content Boutique Senior Editor
Andrew Timms Beryl Post Production Editor
Pete Ritchie Blockhead Grading
Evangelia Henderson New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation Chief Executive
Alex Gage-Brown Skinfood NZ Managing Director

Brief Explanation

The World Health Organisation estimate that over 400,000 women a year globally could be saved by the early detection and treatment of breast cancer. However, with a surprisingly high number of women feeling uncomfortable with checking themselves, too few were engaging in this life saving routine. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 NZ women over their lifetime, and the earlier it’s detected, the better your chance of survival. That’s why the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission is to get women to make checking their breasts for changes a regular habit. But the problem is, most women just don’t do it often enough. So we created Breast Cream, and in doing so created an entirely new beauty routine that could help save your life. It’s a nourishing cream designed especially to be used on your breasts. Simply applying it regularly helps you look and feel for any lumps or unusual changes that might be signs of cancer. And seeing the bright pink tube next to your deodorant and toothbrush is a reminder to make it a regular habit that lasts far beyond Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a new beauty routine that could save your life. It’s not an advertising campaign that tugs on the heartstrings, but a real behavior change that can save lives. The product itself was made by natural skincare company Skinfood NZ, and is stocked by 90% of New Zealand’s major FMCG retailers, with $2 from each pack going to the NZBCF. 8 months post-campaign, over 50% of women who has bought Beast Cream reported that they were checking their breasts more often. Even more impressively, 27% of people who had merely seen the campaign (but not bought the product) had still taken away the campaign message and were also checking their breasts more often as a direct result of the Breast Cream campaign. Breast Cream; a simple moisturiser that can fight cancer and save lives by changing women’s behaviour when it comes to checking their breasts regularly.