Product / ServiceFANTA
CategoryA02. Rebrand / Refresh of an existing Brand: Consumer / Corporate / Non-profit
Idea Creation SOHO SQUARE Lahore, PAKISTAN


Name Company Position
Asim Naqvi Ogilvy and Mather CEO
Zehra Zaidi Soho Square Executive Creative Director
Umair Anwar Soho Square Creative Director
Sana Khan Soho Square Creative Manager
Muzakir Ijaz Ogilvy and Mather General Manager
Imran Qaiser Soho Square Business Director
Nashmia Irfan Soho Square Associate Account Director
Samreen Farooq Soho Square Associate Art Director
Junaid Younas Soho Square Associate Art Director
Sadaf Javed Soho Square Graphic Designer
Farrukh Zaman Soho Square Production Manager
Tuheer Shafique Soho Square Production Assistant
Hammad Mushtaq Soho Square Production Assistant
Mohammad Ejaz Soho Square Mechanical Artist

The Campaign

In order to add play into the lives of our target audience, Fanta created fun whacky dares that were lead by one of a kind packaging that created an interactive experience for the teens, while increasing the transaction of the product.

Creative Execution

Ten different dares were released across the Fanta bottles and hundreds more on digital. The dares were playful and whacky, including: wear headphones and dance for 2 minutes, walk around with a marker mustache, take random selfies with people etc. With the campaign launch, Fanta moved from an animated to a more mature world, making it relevant for teens. The packaging was integrated with a digital video – inspired by the classic game of Spin the Bottle, an interactive experience was created where teens could engage directly with the product. While primarily shopper led, the labels were leveraged on TV, OOH and, especially, teen relevant platforms such as digital and mobile to ensure effective reach of the target audience. Fanta also created a Teen Dare Challenge on digital, which went viral – creating a large amount of user generated content.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Not only did Fanta Dare to Play increase the engagement value between the target audience and brand, this was the first time teens had something that was catered to them specifically. They were able to scratch the packaging to reveal the dares, increasing relevance and creating clear differentiation with competition. The digital response was overwhelming, leading to a reach of 3 million, and 7 million impressions of the digital video. Fanta grew teen relevance by becoming more fun and cool for teens with the following KPIs: +4 is a cool brand +3 is a fun brand +1 always doing new things +1 for someone like me +1 past 4 weeks consumption Moreover, Fanta Pakistan became the #1 contributor to Fanta growth globally, and the fastest growing brand in the Coca-Cola portfolio. The brand also experienced 27% growth versus 2015, successfully driving recruitment and getting on track to achieve Vision 2020. (Source: Nielsen Retail Audit, Facebook)

Fanta’s target audience is 13-19 year olds and it aims to create more play in the world and aspires to activate the playful side of teens’ everyday mundane lives. While the animation route showed positive results in the past, research showed there is room to increase relevance among these more mature and aware teens. By taking packaging as the main lead, “play” was built within the product itself – enabling them to have a tangible interaction with the brand. Spontaneous and relevant dares were added to the bottles using a relatively mature design language. The packaging used a unique scratch label technology, which enabled teens to reveal the dares by directly interacting with the packaging. Packaging and shopper were the main lead, with a 2:30 video on digital, and numerous other teen relevant touch points. The campaign was a first of its kind initiative for Fanta globally.