CategoryD02. Point of Sales & Consumer Touchpoints
EntrantHIERSUN Beijing, CHINA
Idea Creation HIERSUN Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position
wenhui ma hiersun HIERSUN Brand Management Centre Visual Marketing Department Manager

The Campaign

The design uses annual rings that represent time as the main elements, and in each annual ring, the silhouette shows the touching moments of a couple who got to know each other and fell in love and then spent their lifetime together. The combination of time and moving stories builds up the emotional brand, and meanwhile the brand hopes that people can remember and cherish the moving moments in their life. The application of props. The backlight with halo effect and the dynamic rhythm of breathing lights make props vivid, and summarizes the theme of the 10th anniversary. Besides, it is eye-catching in the mall.

Creative Execution

The annual rings overlap and show the rhythm in the showcase. Each layer of annual rings has its own track. The details lie in the overlapping of different layers. The images are shown through the interaction of silhouette and lights. Breathing LED lights are placed between layers of annual rings to add vitality and create eye-catching visual effects in the shopping mall. The design uses annual rings as main elements and meanwhile presents the main colors of I Do. The layering and overlapping effect of props are strengthened. Besides, the mould is easy to dismantle and convenient for transportation and terminal use. (Disk of annual ring—— painted acrylic sheet Base and support——painted frosted metal LOGO—— sheet metal +transparent acrylic sheet)

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

To keep the anniversary atmosphere created online and make consumers feel the atmosphere when entering the physical stores , over 500 I Do stores have taken on a new look, including showcase, moulds, vertical exhibition, light box and image of the store. Characters and main images of products for the Anniversary series were launched together with the Anniversary products. As the last and most important link of marketing, the offline atmosphere is an important and decisive factor that leads consumers to our stores.

I Do hopes that the launch of the Anniversary series will be a start for the brand’s objective of targeting at diversified customers rather than one kind of consumers, so as to realize the transitional upgrade of the brand. The brand will extend its customers from lovers or couples to people who value anniversaries, and build itself into the first emotional jewelry brand in China that covers couples, lovers and mature people who share the emotion “I Do”, and then effectively improves its brand image, market share and per customer transaction.