CategoryA01. Creation of a new Brand Identity: Consumer / Corporate / Non-profit
EntrantBLACK Singapore, SINGAPORE
Idea Creation BLACK Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Jackson Tan BLACK Creative Director
Stella Kwan BLACK Designer
Charice Chan BLACK Producer

The Campaign

'The little red dot' is a nickname often used in media as a reference to Singapore. It refers to how it is depicted on maps of the world as a red dot. The red dot celebrates the Singaporean spirit. It signifies our dreams are not limited by its physical size and represents Singapore's ability to punch above its weight and its tenacity in overcoming limitation in size and natural resources. We took the symbol of the little red dot and we shortened the name of the celebration, from Singapore's 50th Golden Jubilee Anniversary to 'SG50', we have created a meaningful and iconic logo that resonated with Singaporeans to celebrate this momentus occasion. The term 'SG50' also became widespread and became known to identify Singapore 50th birthday. It made it easy for the people identify and shorter to speak of.

Creative Execution

1) Meaningful By using the symbol of the little red dot and storterning the words to SG50, we created a logo that is meaningful and iconic. 2) Simple By keeping the design and the brand guide simple and user friendly, it facilitates the usability and customization of the logo by everyone. The SG50 logo is easy to identify, remember and redraw. 3) Open Source Everyone can use it to celebrate SG50. From corporations to individuals, it gave the people power to celebrate in their own ways. 4) Adaptable The SG50 logo is adaptable in any size and formats. From a printed SG50 logo on buildings, to a physical red ball, it demonstrated the flexibility of the SG50 logo. 5) Customisable The public is free to intepret the SG50 logo uniquely. Children drew the SG50 logo. Corporations customised their own SG50 logo to celebrate SG50. The public has also reintepreted the

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The SG50 logo became a national branding to celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday. It strengthened national identity and pride. 98% of Singaporeans surveyed recognise the SG50 logo. It reached near universal visibility in the months leading up to Singapore’s 50th birthday on 9th August 2015.

SG50 was a year to celebrate how far Singaporeans have achieved together in just 50 years as a nation. We wanted everyone to celebrate together as a nation. Instead of the usual top down approach of conventional brands, the SG50 logo was created for and owned by everyone! It was readily available by downloading the logo from the official SG50 website. We made the brand guide easy to understand and use. People customised and reinterpeted their own SG50 logo and shared them on social media. Children drew and coloured their own SG50 logos based on what Singapore meant to them. Brands and companies celebrated SG50 by placing the logo on merchandises and campaigns. Communities and organisations in Singapore came together to celebrate. For example they gathered and created a SG50 logo formation. Everyone could use the SG50 logo and it gave the people power to celebrate in their own ways.