Product / ServiceCITRA
CategoryA02. Rebrand / Refresh of an existing Brand: Consumer / Corporate / Non-profit
EntrantR/GA Singapore, SINGAPORE
Idea Creation R/GA Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Pei Ling Ho R/GA Singapore Associate Creative Director
Jia Ying Goh R/GA Singapore Associate Creative Director

The Campaign

We looked beyond a cosmetic visual redesign exercise. We went back to what the core of our naturals philosophy stood for – Crafted from Nature. And we created a new Naturals brand world and experience that is real, relevant and identifiable for the modern women today. By showing and romancing the craft of the brand, from source to bottle, we gave consumers an avenue to engage with our brand better.

Creative Execution

We reexamined our brand’s communication in the past 5 years and mapped it against consumer trends and social listening studies. We found that to be highly recognizable and relevant, we need to start with what Citra stood for to be distinct, instead of being a ‘me-too’ brand chasing superficial fads. Stemming from our brand core, naturalness was the key thread across all executional considerations. We focused on telling a rich ingredient story and conveying our craft process. We moved away from computer-generated visuals and shot all elements live in-camera for stills and films. The ingredients we show are never larger-than-life, but kept to real proportions next to the product packs. We also transformed from contrived poses and exaggerated expressions in our talents portrayed, to showing women who are independent and have self-confidence, without needing external validation. The new brand experience across 6 SEA countries was natural, authentic, relevant, and contemporary

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

• +82% brand engagement, 6X more than national average • +398% new Instagram followers • 13.1 million women reached • +3 points for brand attribute on Facebook • Became Indonesia’s #1 Most Loved Brand

Our core consumers are educated, modern women, 19-24 y.o., living in metropolitan SEA cities. And we realized that they felt disengaged with the visual communication as it portrayed women needing male affirmation that did not reflect the growing sentiment of women independence in their minds. At the same time, unreal CGI visualization of natural ingredients, also discredited the brand’s known natural proposition. To forge a deeper connection with discerning women, we created a multi-touchpoints brand refresher campaign that allowed consumers to immerse in our new brand both offline and online. A social media playbook was also created as a guide for local marketing teams to be inspired and adhere to the global brand vision.