CategoryD04. Installation & Environment
Idea Creation HAKUHODO INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing TOHOKU HAKUHODO Sendai, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Masako Shimizu HAKUHODO Inc. Creative Director + Copy Writer
Chiharu Shimizu HAKUHODO Inc. Creative Director + Art Director
Naohisa Yamaguchi HAKUHODO Inc. Senior Creative Adviser
Kazuya Toma HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. Digital Producer
Junpei Qawasaki HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. Technical Director
Yuichi Miyamoto HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. Digital Director
Takuya Asahida HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. Programer
Saki Kato HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. Web Designer
Yuya Suzuki amana inc. Film Producer
Reiji Naganuma amana inc. Animation Producer
Shunsuke Koyama amana inc. Animation Film Director
Yo Kuwabara amana inc. Documentary Film Director
Yosuke Sano UN inc. Cinematographer
Naoko Maeda Graphic Designer
Sara Atelier hi Woodblock Painting Artist
Masatoshi Sato TOHOKU HAKUHODO Inc. Agency Producer
Maiko Hayashi HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. Digital Director
Hiroshi Koi HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. Programmer
Akihiro Chaya HAKUHODO i-studio Inc. Programmer
Takao Nagase UN inc. Cinematographer
Miki Kuramochi Graphic Designer
Mika Sasaki Graphic Designer
Yuichi Sato TOHOKU HAKUHODO Inc. Agency Producer
Hitomi Kenmotsu TOHOKU HAKUHODO Inc. Agency Producer

The Campaign

The Swimming Sushi is a world first, sushi restaurant where sushi starts to swim. When you pick up the sushi made by the sushi chef from Ishinomaki, it changes to a fish, and starts to swim towards the front screen. The fish goes back to the sea where they were grown, and tells about their life stories including their growing environments. Then, the fish comes back and leaves a special message like “Sea you soon at Ishinomaki.” The sushi’s motion, moves people’s emotion. The more they know about the stories of the food, the more tasty it becomes. This phenomenon is proven academically. The Swimming Sushi created an entirely New Food Edutainment Experience.

Creative Execution

Enjoyable for kids to adults, The Swimming Sushi designed a totally new food edutainment experience combining “Japanese traditional food”and “new technology.” The design touch points is the interactive swimming sushi experience, and the fish’s animation design, leaflet, and Web design. The Interactive technological design: When you pick up the sushi the weight sensor reacts and a shadow of the fish appears on the sushi by the projection mapping set above. When you pick up the sushi, the shadow of the fish changes to an animation of fish and starts to swim towards the front screen. Also by the motion sensor set in the table, you can enjoy the rippling wave pattern that reacts to your table touching motion. The original animation design: To show each fish’s growing environments, we cherished the Japanese traditional craft motif like block print or fish print for the animation made for Ishinomaki’s several kinds of fish.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

First of all the participants loved it. They all said the taste and experience was wonderful. 93% said, “want to eat more fish.” and most people said they got more informed and interested in fish more than before. The Swimming Sushi got attention widely, and started to swim throughout media. By combining “Japanese traditional food” and “new technology,” the Swimming Sushi created an entirely new Food Edutainment experience. It opened up an opportunity for Japanese to be more interested in fish. The Swimming Sushi is going to take place all over Japan, and will keep cheering up fish culture. Next time is October at Ishinomaki and will be on permanent display in Ishinomaki City. Also from the accurate information send by this event, we could send out that Ishinomaki’s fish is all radiation checked scientifically, also the people who knew about this event through media, and take it more positive.

From kids to adults, we wanted people to have more interest towards fish and to overcome a reputational damage of fish from this entirely new technological edutainment experience. About the accurate information like the fish from Ishinomaki is all safety checked, including the 3times radiation check, we filmed the real scene and proved it’s credibility. By the entertaining experience of the Swimming Sushi, we wanted to make food education more exciting and emotional. From this totally new experience, we planned to achieve PR effect to spread this experience widely. The Media filmed, we also filmed so that not only the people who was there to experience, but also the people who knew about it through media could experience the story too.