CategoryB01. Publications & Brand Collateral


Name Company Position
Yohan Daver BBH India Copywriter
Shirin Kekre BBH India Illustrator
Subhash Kamath BBH India Chief Executive Officer
Sapna Ahluwalia BBH India Creative Director
Sapna Ahluwalia BBH India Creative Director
Shivani Krishan BBH India Copywriter
Chetan Mahajan BBH India Art Director
Chetan Mahajan BBH India Art Director
Rebecca Daniel BBH India Art Director
James Olstein Freelancer Freelancer
Uday Kinloskar Freelancer Freelancer
Stuti Guha BBH India Executive Producer
Rahul Kulkarni BBH India Executive Producer
Tanya Kalia BBH India Business Partner
Khyati Anand BBH India Senior Business Partner
Anish Kotian BBH India Business Director
Russell Barrett BBH India Chief Creative Officer

The Campaign

We decided to educate our audience about authentic Neapolitan cuisine. We did this by using quirk and wit to compare Neapolitan dishes with the spirit of the people of Naples.

Creative Execution

The ads display artistic illustrations of Neapolitan stereotypes and food, paired with humorous headlines. All ads have a border with bold typography in the centre. The illustrations of people and their food form the border. We have used highly stylised drawings to bring out the spirit of our idea – be it the hands of the ‘tough’ man in the pizza ad. Or the torso of the narcissistic man in the espresso ad. The visuals are set in a background relevant to each food item. The pizza ad is placed on a pizza delivery box, the pasta ad on a serving plate, and the Tiramisu ad is set on a wine bottle.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

- These print ads were part of a larger integrated campaign across posters, radio, digital and direct mailers which resulted in sales increasing by more than 50%, reaching a maximum of 91% during the campaign. - We got excellent reviews on food blogs and restaurant discovery websites. - People were beginning to recognise Gustoso as the place for authentic Neapolitan food.

Gustoso has two outlets. One in Kemp’s Corner in South Mumbai. And the other in Khar, near Bandra. And our target audience is ‘foodies’ living around these areas. We decided to reach out to them through their entertainment and lifestyle newspapers – places where they look for new restaurants to try. So we published the ads in Bombay Times and HT Café – supplements of leading newspapers. And we chose the South Bombay and Bandra editions – to reach the right people.