CategoryD05. Multichannel Experience
EntrantTRIO ISOBAR Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation TRIO ISOBAR Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Marc Liu Trio Isobar Creative Director

The Campaign

For the young generation, the music they love expresses their individuality. We have also found that the music industry is looking for more offline opportunities to reach their young target audience. Therefore, we planned the K MUSIC for KFC. K MUSIC is a platform leveraging popular music contents and mobile technology to offer a personalized KFC dining experience. How do we bring K MUSIC to young consumers? Our idea is “Singing Tray Mats”. Consumers simply scan the QR code on the tray mat; place the cell phone on top and then press “Play”. Wa-lah! The tray mat becomes a virtual music player with millions of songs!

Creative Execution

We use the tray mats as the key touch point. Consumers simply scan the QR code on the tray mat to participate. They can also upload their own work to the K MUSIC site. Consumers can vote for their favorite songs on the site. The monthly winners get to have their work published by K MUSIC annual album. To increase the visibility of K MUSIC and Singing Tray Mats campaign, we produced a viral tutorial video to spread on social media. With the help of KFC‘s powerful owned media and the key opinion leaders on social media, we draw a lot of attention and forward. We use this mobile technology to enhance the dining experience, and deliver the brand spirit simply through the interaction with our consumers.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

KFC Singing Tray Mat campaign achieved the results shown below without any paid media support • 108,000 consumers scanned the QR Code on the tray mats (Source: Baidu report). • 95% of them played the K-MUSIC. • The average playing time: 1 minute and 37 seconds. • Social media post read: 130,000 times (source: Tencent and WeChat report). • Viral video played: 254K (source: Tencent Video report). • K MUSIC site: Page View 200K, Unique Viewer 60K.

KFC’s key target consumers are young adults aged 18- 25 nationwide. They are energetic, and constantly look for new experiences. They love music and see it as a way to express themselves. As music is a crucial part of the dining experience. We suggest that KFC work with QQ music, the largest online music platform, and the music industry to build K Music platform, using mobile technology so that consumers can use their phone as a player to choose their own music in KFC. So K MUSIC is not only a campaign, but a long-term platform that connect consumers with KFC and the music industry. Moreover, we turned the ordinary tray mats into a powerful media outlet to promote new artists and albums, so the record companies provide contents to KFC for free. At almost no extra cost, KFC creates a sustainable platform offering fun dining experiences for consumers.