CategoryD04. Installation & Environment
EntrantTRIO ISOBAR Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation TRIO ISOBAR Shanghai, CHINA
Production TRIO ISOBAR Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Tim Peng Trio Isobar Creative Director

The Campaign

The idea is to offer the most innovative dining experiences for consumers during their entire visit of KFC. 1. Ordering: “Dumi” Voice-Controlled Robot and self-help ordering kiosks. Consumers can order their meals by talking with a voice-controlled A.I. Robot “Dumi”, or using the kiosks to avoid the waiting lines. 2. Waiting: 3D holographic projection of fried chicken animation show While waiting for their meals, consumers can watch the 3D holographic projection of fried chicken animation show. It provides a fun experiences as well as showing the quality of cooking process. 3. Dining: Smart Music Tables A table can be much more than a table. Consumers can use the Smart Music Table to recharge their phone wirelessly. In addition, their can use their mobile devices to turn the table into a music player.

Creative Execution

We first identified the critical moments that consumers most recall when describing their dining experience. Then, we used technologies to offer consumers with pleasant experiences accordingly. We worked with Baidu to design Dumi, the voice-controlled ordering robot. We tested plenty of conversations and ordering processes with Dumi, so that it can really understand what consumers say in order to make communication seamless. For the ordering Kiosks, we designed the more stylish appearance, and user interface to bring consumers more convenient ordering process. In the waiting area, we set up a 3-D Holographic Projection to surprise consumers with an amazing demonstration of making delicious fried chicken. The “Smart Music Tables” leverage KFC’s owned media platform “K-music”. Consumers can recharge their cell phones wirelessly and they can also scan a QR code to listen to the music of their own choice from K-music to create a perfect dining atmosphere.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

This brand new digital dining experience became the highlight of the grand opening of KFC’s 5000th restaurant. It gained over 600 new articles from various media outlets and created tremendous discussions on social media. It also attracted many consumers to the restaurant to explore fresher and more interesting digital dining experiences.

KFC’s new brand proposition is “Be You”. The brand aims to offer consumers the pleasure of being completely nature as they are. With the fully digital process and entertainments, consumers can totally manage and enjoy their dining experience in their own ways. The primary target consumers of KFC is young adults. They rely heavily on the Internet and their mobile devices, and constantly look for new experiences. Therefore, we designed the process to accommodate their interests and behavior to offer them a brand new dinning experience. The key elements of the design cover the whole dining experience in the restaurant. From ordering, waiting to dining, KFC offers the most innovative dinning experience by using artificial intelligence as well as other latest technologies for consumers to enjoy their entire visit of KFC.