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Name Company Position
Eirk Vervroegen Publicis PWW Creative Director
Sheena Jeng Publicis Shanghai China Chair & Chief Creative Officer
Will Tao Publicis Shanghai Creative Partner
Johnny Bao Publicis Shanghai Creative Group Head
Nayh Sun Publicis Shanghai Creative Group Head
Hui Yao Publicis Shanghai Associate Creative Director
Phianphon Sittichaidecha Publicis Shanghai Associate Creative Director
Nokkia Wang Publicis Shanghai Associate Creative Director
Roc Zhao Publicis Shanghai Senior Creative Director
E Henry Refine China Photographer
Eric Liu ZZGS Productions Director
JunHao Liu Pafassion Retoucher
David Chen Publicis Shanghai Photographer
Baodong Xie Publicis Shanghai Editor
Jimmy Lim Publicis Shanghai Planning Director
Tian Hua Shanghai Polytechnic University Art Director
Ajay Vikram Publicis Singapore Executive Creative Director
Zoe Zhao Publicis Shanghai Creative Director
Lei Zhang Publicis Shanghai Creative Director
Michael Wang Publicis Business Development Director

The Campaign

Instead of persuading people not doing this, we leverage “touching sculpture's breast” - this common problem to solve another more deadly human problem. The idea is turning a notorious behavior for a good cause: raising social awareness of “Breast Touching” in order to encourage self screening for breast cancer.

Creative Execution

We hid infrared devices around sculptures, aimed the thermal induction camera around the breast area, which is connected to a mobile base station. Every time the breasts are touched, people within 5-­meter-­radius will receive a SMS. The message contains a visual instruction of proper breast cancer self-­check process, which is crucial for diagnosing and treating breast cancer at its early stage.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Our installations operate in 7 cities, where the sculptures were touched numerous times. The result is that clinical reports show 37% increase of couple visits for breast cancer screening in those cities. The viral video generated 200,000 shares per month. Monthly clicks reached 500,000 times.

We co-­operated with digital engineers to make an installation, and then made this installation operate in 7 cities. We recorded for some time, made it into a viral video, and published it online to drive buzz. Leverage this to raise social awareness of “Breast Touching”, in order to encourage self screening for breast cancer.