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Product / ServiceGREEN LABEL
CategoryG01. Typography
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Production CAVIAR Tokyo, JAPAN
Contributing DENTSU TEC Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kyoko Hario DENTSU INC. Account exective
Yosuke Mamiya DENTSU INC. Planning Director / Strategist
Kentaro Sagara DENTSU INC. Creative Director / Art Director / Planner
Noriaki Onoe DENTSU INC. Creative Director / Copywriter / Planner
Daisuke Nakamura PARTY Creative Director / Technical Director / Planner
Masanobu Hiraoka Caviar Movie Director / Animation Director
Yu Nishimuta DENTSU INC. Producer
Naoto Yamada Dentsu Tec Producer
Daisuke Baba Dentsu Tec Producer
Tatsuo Murai Caviar Movie Director
Ai Sakai Freelance Animator
Kyu Shibayama Freelance Animator
Keigo Ogino ADBRAIN Type Designer
Shumpei Watanabe ADBRAIN Type Designer
Yuri Morimoto AID-DCC Interactive Designer
Minoru Sako minsak Front-end Developer
Hajime Sasaki mount-position System Developer
Yuya Nishioka mount-position System Developer
Shuta Hasunuma Freelance Music Creator
Mutsumi Hamano melody-punch Music Producer
Atsuko Okada puzzle inc. Producer

The Campaign

We discovered that over 90% of Japanese names include elements of green. The Kanji characters used in Japanese names are pictograms, stylized drawings of the objects they represent. Therefore, many more green aspects, which represent elements of nature, exist than what people may realize. We then launched a website that lets users discover the green elements in their names, and generates animations of greenery.

Creative Execution

A website that lets users discover the green elements in their names, and generates animations of greenery. Over 3,000 Kanji characters used in Japanese names are transformed into hand-drawn GIF animations. Users could also share the GIF animations of their names on social media. The website also features an e-commerce section for users to purchase merchandise adorn with each of their own Green Name, and a time-limited store was opened for users to shop for their Green Name merchandise and beer cans.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Within three weeks, the website generated GIF animations for 1.2 million green names, and garnered coverage from 138 media entities. Reactions from users included people who were pleasantly surprised when finding unexpected green elements in their names, and people who became big fans of Green Label. More than anything, everyone realized that Japan is a country full of green.

This beer brand pushes the image of feel-good green so that we wanted to deliver this feel-good green experience to buyers. Target is young 20’s to 30’s. We need to do a digital execution to spread out by reaching these young targets.