Product / ServiceANCHOR MILK
CategoryB02. Promotional Item Design
Idea Creation COLENSO BBDO Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Nick Worthington Colenso BBDO Creative Chairman
Rachel Morgan Colenso BBDO International Group Business Director
Eddie Thomas Colenso BBDO Senior Account Manager
Clare Morgan Fonterra Brand NZ, Anchor Director of Marketing
Steve Cochran Colenso BBDO Executive Creative Director
Jen Storey Colenso BBDO Head of Broadcast
Andy Blood Colenso BBDO Executive Creative Director
Aaron Turk Colenso BBDO Digital Creative Director
n/a Sigi Production Company
n/a MediaCom Media Agency
Allison Yorston Fonterra Brand NZ, Anchor Group Marketing Manager
Anna Gestro Fonterra Brand NZ, Anchor Marketing Manager
Katherine Sliper Colenso BBDO Group Business Director
Simon Vicars Colenso BBDO Creative Group Head

The Campaign

It’s long been a tradition for Kiwis to enjoy a pint when watching the rugby. But with world cup matches starting before 7am, there was a conundrum: what to drink? So we crafted a pint that could satisfy all Kiwis, regardless of age. For the Anchor All Blacks partnership we designed a limited edition commemorative ‘pint’ glass. At 425 ml, it was similar in size to a New Zealand ‘pint’ as served in bars the length and breadth of the country. The glass was frosted black with a 10ml transparent ‘lip’ at the top. And when filled to the brim with Anchor milk the effect was dramatic: the All Blacks Silver Fern and the Anchor tagline ‘go strong’ were cut from the black frosting and appeared to be ‘illuminated’ by the white milk. It also looked like a freshly poured pint of a well known Irish brew- a deliberate play.

Creative Execution

With two well established brands (and brand guidelines / logos) and a clear direction for the glass the design had small critiques to make on placement and size of the wrap and logos due to the mandatory nature what we were working with. We knew the glasses we wanted, however needed the capability to wrap them to a quality that would stand the test of time. The critical design piece was having the Anchor go strong and All Blacks logo cut to be illuminated by the milk, this elevated the product role within the design.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The campaign made 20% of New Zealanders more likely to become a considerer of the brand. The social content reached over 4 million people and got a total of 485,173 social interactions with the brand. This awareness over the 8 week campaign period meant we sold out of our 4million campaign black bottles, that’s 8million litres of milk. Not including the spill over generated to other Anchor formats.

Many New Zealanders had no idea that Anchor was a supporter of the All Blacks in their first world cup in 1935. We tapped back into the passion that we knew ran through the country, re-igniting our partnership in a world cup year and starting to talk to all kiwis again. In a world cup year where there is so much hype it was important we created something that was desirable and would stand out in the crowd, but at the same time had to have the product and consumers at the heart of the idea.