Short List
Product / ServiceGULULU
CategoryF01. Consumer Products
EntrantCHEIL Beijing, CHINA
Idea Creation CHEIL Beijing, CHINA


Name Company Position
Jacky Lung Cheil China National Executive Creative Director
Xuedan Bai Cheil China Creative Director
Chenghao Xie Cheil China Associate Creative Director
Xin Tan Cheil China Agency Producer
Alvin Chiang Bowhead Technology Founder
Ethan Jiang Bowhead Technology Founder
Jiandong Hao Bowhead Technology Founder
Lingfei Zhang Bowhead Technology Character Designer
Cheung Kawah Bowhead Technology VFX Supervisor
Wei Lai Bowhead Technology Production Supervisor

The Campaign

Gululu uses an imaginative story and child-centered gaming techniques to turn something that is normally boring into something FUN! Gululu takes away parents’ frustration of having to goad their children to drink enough water (and to not drink sugary beverages), and inspires kids to develop healthy habits that will persist beyond childhood using a smarter-than-smart water bottle + cloud-based app developed by Bowhead Technology.

Creative Execution

We will launch sales through Kickstarter on May 3rd, and will follow up with a campaign on Indiegogo in July. Immediately following these, we will begin direct sales through our own website, and will also distribute to our retail partners. We anticipate that we will sell 700+ units through Kickstarter, 1500+ through Indidgogo, and 150,000 additional units through our retail partners through the end of 2016.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

In our previous quantitative survey, 88% of our target millennial parents expressed strong purchase intent. Gululu interactive bottles have been distributed to nearly 100 pilot users in Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijng, San Franciso Bay Area and New York since March. Bowhead Technology who made Gululu Interactive Bottles also has accumulated orders from resellers adding up to over USD 100K. Further sales will be expected from its KickStarter campaign coming in late May.

We have designed our interactive bottle for kids ages 3-10 to use, and the app for their parents and guardians to use to track the kids’ progress. We anticipate that consumers will be upscale millennial parents with middle to high income, and who are focused on their children’s health and quality of education. We plan to sell through online channels first such as KickStarter, our own website, Amazon and offline channels, and will form strategic partnerships with retailers and organizations that are strongly connected to children and technology. We will launch with a single product, but will add basic and a premium models 18 months after launch with price points that reflect the added or subtracted features.