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Name Company Position
Samantha Tan Isobar Singapore Copywriter
Stan Lim Isobar Singapore Regional Creative Director
Abhishek Prasad Isobar Singapore Associate Creative Director
Jason Chan Isobar Singapore Designer
Chye Yong Hock Isobar Singapore Innovation Director
Pearl Chye Isobar Singapore Lead Engineer
YongSen Ong Isobar Singapore 3D Artist
Brenda Lee Isobar Singapore Junior Designer
Lionel Wong Isobar Singapore Project Manager
Lionel Wong Isobar Singapore Project Manager
Yasunori Yamazaki Astroscale Head of Brand Management
Elaina Sutiono Astroscale Associate Brand Manager
Nicole Polii Astroscale Admin Manager
Pamela Wong Isobar Singapore Senior Account Executive

The Campaign

Space Sweepers Academy: A narrative-driven learning experience within an interactive virtual environment.

Creative Execution

An interactive journey that turned curious visitors into expert Space Sweepers. 1. Children invited with an irresistible proposition – take a trip to space 2. Receive a ‘mission briefing’ and design their own satellites on a tablet app 3. Enter the virtual environment to launch their satellites and clean space debris 4. Share Instagram photos of their personalised satellites in action. Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (C.A.V.E.) A custom-built chamber with immersive projection mapping on 3 walls and the floor created the illusion of floating in space. Art Design For children, we chose imaginative representation over realism, using 3D modelling for a stylistic look and vibrant colours to draw attention. Sound Design The soundtrack was balanced between futuristic and fun, and a child was chosen for the ‘mission control’ voiceover to make the complex issue accessible. Experience Design A cosplayer in an astronaut suit and specially designed props for Instagram-worthy poses.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

In a single day: - 550+ satellites were launched - 3300+ people experienced Space virtually - 200+ Instagram posts created and shared - Featured in national news publications in print and online - Earned an interview with Dr. Janil Puthucheary, the Minister leading Singapore’s Smart Nation programme

The challenge was: how do we explain the complex issue to the young ones, when even the adults are not well aware of it. Our approach was to create a story that drew in children, and a collaborative, interactive experience to spark a sense of awe and wonder for the cause of space conservation. To reach children and parents effectively, we decided to go to Tech Saturday 2016 – a tech carnival in Singapore targeted towards families.