Product / ServiceRECOCHOKU BEST
CategoryA02. Rebrand / Refresh of an existing Brand: Consumer / Corporate / Non-profit
Idea Creation TOKYU AGENCY Tokyo, JAPAN
Production BIRDLAND Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Takaaki Nemoto Tokyu Agency Inc. Art Director
Yosuke Takagi Tokyu Agency Inc. Creative Director
Aomi Miyamoto Tokyu Agency Inc. Designer
Takemichi Chiba BIRDLAND Co.,Ltd Designer

The Campaign

Evoke the music service and “the beautiful world that music brings to our lives” using earphone cords that reach 150m at their longest. All graphics are drawn as a one-stroke sketch using a single earphone cord. This art was created around five themes: love, friends, peace of mind, memories, and hope. While competing services offer promotional deals to capture customers (e.g. 3-month free trials), we used this graphic to promote the protection of the value of music itself, pursuing a brand image strategy both inside and outside the industry.

Creative Execution

he design elements used for our graphics were earphone cords and mock smartphones. Extremely long one-stroke sketches were created using one earphone cord per graphic. Each earphone was a maximum of 150m in length for a total length of 570m across the entire series. These graphics surprise the viewer by pushing the limits of what it is possible to create using earphone cords. B0 size x 6 series

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

• Customer satisfaction is more than 80%. • It became the third place in the market. This advertisement helped consumers to see the magnificence of music in a new light. We were able to bring new value to the brand image as a service that provides wonderful music.

Our target audience is young people in their twenties who like music but want to listen to a broad range of genres and artists, without having a strong preference for any particular one. We chose to use transportation advertising in Shibuya, an urban cultural center where our target audience congregates. This transportation advertising was seen by roughly 1,152,000 people every day. We aimed to begin the campaign in April, at the beginning of the school and business year, in order to use music to provide support for our target audience as they set out on their new lives.