CategoryB02. Promotional Item Design


Name Company Position
Jason Williams Leo Burnett Melbourne Chief Creative Officer
Ilona Janashvili Leo Burnett Melbourne Director of Integrated Strategy
Tim Shelley Leo Burnett Melbourne Associate Digital Creative Director
Kaelene Morton  Leo Burnett Melbourne Producer
Blair Kimber Leo Burnett Melbourne Senior Art Director
Alex Metson Leo Burnett Melbourne Senior Copywriter
Maria Borowski Leo Burnett Melbourne Agency Producer
Maria Borowski Leo Burnett Melbourne Agency Producer
Matt Porch Leo Burnett Melbourne Designer
Chris Steele Leo Burnett Melbourne Head of Social
Katelyn Testa Leo Burnett Melbourne Community Management
Danielle Ruasol Leo Burnett Melbourne Community Management
Josh Popow Leo Burnett Melbourne Community Management
Ari Sztal Leo Burnett Melbourne Group Account Director
Kenneth Chow Leo Burnett Melbourne Account Manager
Paul Charman Leo Burnett Melbourne Retouching
Nick Baum Leo Burnett Melbourne Digital Producer
Max Miller Leo Burnett Melbourne Agency Editor
Lizzy Bailey Studio Pancho Director
Francesca D’Orazio Studio Pancho Producer
Aaron Farrugia Studio Pancho Director Of Photography
Chris Ward Studio Pancho Editor

The Campaign

We created Preserved Memories, inviting Australians to preserve their most cherished items in specially designed SPC cans. Driven through social media, Australians opened up and shared their deeply personal stories, driving conversation about preserving SPC. Hundreds of precious items were selected and individually sealed inside cans designed around their owners’ memories. This created bespoke and airtight time capsules, protecting the contents for generations to come. This moved the can from kitchen cupboards to mantelpieces, creating lifelong connections and fuelling passionate support for the 100-year-old cannery. Preserved Memories turned the tin can into personalised symbols for preserving SPC and Australia’s fruit industry, for generations to come.

Creative Execution

Launching with an online film, over six weeks, there was an overwhelming reaction and outpouring of emotion as Australians shared their deeply personal stories. From war medals to childhood teddy bears, each item and story drove conversation about preserving SPC. Hundreds of items were then selected, sent in and seamlessly integrated into a label designed around each owner’s memory. Every label was individually customised with the object on the front and its story on the back. Then using SPC’s own preserving process, each item was safely sealed inside its own unique can. This created bespoke airtight time capsules, protecting the contents for generations to come. The Preserved Memories were showcased on the campaign’s website and across social media, fuelling support for SPC. The cans were then returned to their owners, who gave their Preserved Memories pride of place in their homes – creating lifelong connections and passionate ambassadors for the brand.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

SPC Preserved Memories sought to build genuine affection for the brand. The campaign did just that, creating an overwhelming response from Australians who not only shared their own stories, but also became emotionally invested in supporting the cannery. Within days SPC’s social pages were overwhelmed with messages of support and requests from people to have their memory preserved. In the end, hundreds of treasured objects were preserved, creating deeply meaningful connections between SPC and consumers across the nation. This level of engagement not only strengthened support online, but also where it matters most – Australian homes. • #1 FMCG BRAND FOR ENGAGEMENT IN AUSTRALIA • 230% INCREASE IN MONTHLY SOCIAL GROWTH • 131% INCREASE IN BRAND AFFINITY • Preserved Memories has reshaped how people think about the tin can, helping to preserve SPC and Australia’s fruit industry, for generations to come.

SPC has been a trusted favourite for generations of Australians, but in a world of cheap imports and cut prices, people are choosing the cheaper option. After all, a tin can is just a tin can. Our strategy was to make Australians rethink the importance of preserving SPC, by preserving something important to them. Leveraging social media, we were able to get Australians to open up and willingly participate, and then using SPC’s own preserving process emotionally reconnect them with the cannery. By linking the preserving process to people’s personal items, we engaged our audience on a deeply human level, creating a physical bond that encouraged them to actively voice their support for SPC.