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Name Company Position
Paul Chan Cheil HK Executive Creative Director
Paul Chan Cheil HK Executive Creative Director
Clara Ho Cheil HK Senior Art Director

The Campaign

We created NAPPY NOTES—a simple idea to help new mums beat the baby blues. Since ‘love and support’ are crucial at this early stage, we redesigned our smallest-sized nappies for newborns. Leveraging standard ‘wetness indicator’ technology, we embedded simple messages that appear when the nappy gets wet—loving messages of encouragement, each coming from the best person to give mummy a boost…her baby.

Creative Execution

Because the end users were new mums who use the smallest-sized nappies for newborns, we examined the nappy product itself and conceived a product re-design idea that would deliver ‘love and support’ in the most non-intrusive way. Most nappies already have wetness indicator technology built in as standard. We then realised that these wetness indicator strips could do so much more. Hence, Nappy Notes was born—a simple repurposing of the wetness indicator to reinvent the humble nappy—to help new mums beat the baby blues. All research into materials and production was conducted together with HELLO ANGEL’S product development team and our goal from the outset was to create an effective idea that was cost effective and realistic (from a product design point of view) and non-intrusive to new mums.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

For this campaign, it wasn’t about communicating comfort levels or increasing sales. It was about supporting first-time mums and enhancing their health and wellbeing. Now new mums receive as many loving messages as their babies pee each day—at the time they need it the most. Research results showed that 60% of new mums reported a positive reaction to Nappy Notes. With one simple idea, we proved that love can conquer all. And for new mums, that’s a big deal. By speaking directly to young mums at every nappy change, the brand went from being 'wallpaper' to reinventing communications for the category—and repurposing the humble nappy as a brand-new medium. All using the standard ‘wetness indicator’ technology that has appeared on nappies for years. The emotional responses generated by this campaign helped build brand affinity and differentiation more than any increase in sales or market share ever could.

HELLO ANGEL’S brand purpose is rooted in delivering ‘love and support’ to young mothers. We sought to own ‘love and support’ by creating a deeper emotional connection with mothers. Since up to 80% of all new mums suffer from the baby blues in the first few weeks of motherhood, this carved out a powerful brand opportunity for us—to help new mums beat the baby blues by providing the right ‘love and support’, at the time they need it the most. By embedding loving messages in every nappy, we engaged directly with new mums at every nappy change. And with every nappy change, we built a stronger bond between the mother and her baby, and towards our brand.