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Idea Creation REDIFFUSION Y&R Mumbai, INDIA
Production REDIFFUSION Y&R Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Joewelle Chua Y&R Singapore Junior Art Director
Marcus Rebeschini Y&R Asia Executive Creative Director
Hari Ramanathan Y&R Asia Chief Strategy Officer
Rahul Jauhari Rediffusion Y&R Chief Creative Officer
Tony Pereira Rediffusion Y&R Executive Creative Director
Shruti Das Rediffusion Y&R Art Director
Gaurav Joshi Rediffusion Y&R Art Director
Austin Dsouza Rediffusion Y&R Copywriter
Navonil Chatterjee Rediffusion Y&R National Planning Director
Spandan Mishra Rediffusion Y&R Planning Head
Uttio Majumdar Rediffusion Y&R Business Director
R Vishwanathan Rediffusion Y&R Production Manager
Mrigank Sharma Rediffusion Y&R Photographer
Rajdeep Sarkar Rediffusion Y&R Account Manager
Sameer Joshi Rediffusion Y&R Account Director
Dhunji Wadia Rediffusion Y&R President
Komal Bedi Sohal Y&R Singapore Chief Creative Officer, Singapore

The Campaign

It is mandated by the government that every truck, has the line ‘USE DIPPER AT NIGHT’ painted on its back. Seen while driving behind any truck, Dipper alludes to the use of low beam to avoid strong headlights at night. This simple, omnipresent & universally understood message was the basis of the idea. We created a condom brand and named it ‘DIPPER’, while using truck art (a cult art form popular among truckers across geographies) as inspiration for its packaging. We didn’t just innovate on packaging, but on media design by simultaneously making every receiver also the carrier of our message.

Creative Execution

Truck art is a uniquely Indian phenomenon, a sort of cult art form that’s existed for decades but has never been tapped into the mainstream or even within the trucking fraternity for any messaging, let alone to promote a condom brand. Therefore the visual narrative of Dipper was uniquely Indian in its approach – something that was common to several millions of truckers across geographies. Also, this audience lives and drives in a largely media dark environment. From an outdoor perspective, symbols and visual style play a critical role in establishing connect.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Tata Motors is probably the world’s first truck brand that’s actually endorsed, packaged & then marketed condoms to protect the health of its core audience. Designed with a distinctly trucking flavor, Dipper condoms have been well received by truckers & commercial sex workers. While eradicating this epidemic will take time, Dipper has been acknowledged by many large public sector organizations and the Government of India as a step in the right direction. Many influential entities want to partner us to genuinely scale up this idea and make a real difference to the life of a trucker.

‘Reach’ was the biggest challenge. Most truckers spend their days and nights in & around remote highways areas where traditional and non-traditional media have absolutely no penetration. There was no traditional or non-traditional medium to tap into – print, TV, online, mobile, nothing would work. Besides, this activity had to cut across every Indian state – with each state has its own language & dialects (India has 22 scheduled languages). Our objective was to find and get through to an audience that drove elusively along the 2nd longest roadway in the world, in a language that they understood best.