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Name Company Position
Emir Shafri Y&R Singapore Senior Copywriter
Varun Sohal Y&R Singapore Junior Creative Assistant
Melvin Kuek Y&R Singapore Managing Director
Chris Yap Y&R Singapore Senior Copywriter
Udara Withana Y&R Singapore Head of Strategic Planning
Marcus Rebeschini Y&R Asia Executive Creative Director
Hari Ramanathan Y&R Asia Chief Strategy Officer
Alvaro Bruch Y&R Singapore Digital Lead
Li Peng Cheok Y&R Singapore Senior Copywriter
Joao Leal Pereira Y&R Singapore Senior Designer
Chew Fung Wee Y&R Singapore Account Director
Mayvika Narukatpichai Y&R Singapore Senior Business Executive
Anne Lee Y&R Singapore Production Manager
Eric Foo Y&R Singapore Digital Imaging Artist
Komal Bedi Sohal Y&R Singapore Chief Creative Officer, Singapore

The Campaign

Transform jade from symbol to actual shield. Jade is a gemstone that is an ancient symbol of protection against evil in Chinese culture all over the world. It is widely worn by Asians everywhere till today. By Invite Only designed a special line of jade jewellery that paired jade beads with identical-looking citronella oil-coated beads. Citronella oil is a natural ingredient that repels mosquitoes effectively. The pieces looked exactly like any other beautiful jade jewellery, with a contemporary twist, and they literally protected the women who wore them. The jewellery was sold across the world, reaching Asian women everywhere.

Creative Execution

The jade collection was called Yu Ahn – which in Chinese, literally translates into “safe jade”. It was created in both classic and contemporary designs, integrating our secret weapon, the jade-coloured citronella beads seamlessly into all kinds of personal styles. Jade has always been a mainstay in women’s everyday accessories, but this was the first time it was being utilised as a mosquito repellent. Each piece in the collection featured authentic jade beads, stainless steel filigree and little jade-coloured citronella beads. Most effective for up to 7 days, the citronella beads were also sold separately in refill packs, so wearers could wear these protective pieces forever. The jewellery was sold across the world online and in By Invite Only’s brick and mortar boutique, reaching as many Asian women as possible and keeping them safe, as well as beautiful.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

- The entire line was sold out within the first week of its launch and the 3rd batch is currently being made. - Yu Ahn's sales was 15% higher as compared to the store's next best seller. - The brand increased its online brand engagement by 20%. - As the race to find a cure for Zika, malaria and dengue continues, for now, Yu Ahn continues to protect everyone in a beautiful and elegant way.

To reinvent jewellery using a strong cultural symbol, so they would fit easily into consumers’ ongoing daily behaviour. Being a homegrown Singaporean designer, By Invite Only wanted to take the lead in changing the part jewellery plays in people’s lives. Jade is not merely another gem – it holds deep traditional meaning in Asian culture where jade jewellery is both presented as gifts to girls and women, young and old, as well as passed down as treasured pieces in the family. This was the perfect medium for us to both literally protect the people of Asia, while remaining both stylish and culturally relevant.