Product / ServiceORANGINA
CategoryB04. Posters
Idea Creation SUN-AD COMPANY Tokyo, JAPAN
Production SUN-AD COMPANY Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kiyoshi Oomori SUN-AD Company Limited Creative Director
Yukari Oka Suntory Business Expert Creative Director
Ayaka Taniguchi Suntory Business Expert Creative Producer
Yasuka Seko SUN-AD Company Limited Art Director
Chiyoko Namima SUN-AD Company Limited Copywriter
UROKU parade.inc Photographer
Miyuki Imanishi try try Limited Set Designer
Kohsuke Abe Freelance CG Designer
Takumi Fukushima SUN-AD Company Limited Agency Producer
Takuya Araki SUN-AD Company Limited Agency Producer

The Campaign

Most adults have “on duty” and “off duty” time. Orangina helps them switch from ”on duty” to “off duty” and makes them relaxed. We tried to express products humorously, which embody “on duty” for women, -that also means they give stress to women - are imaginarily released from usual duties so that the poster also express a message “Orangina effect also makes you feel released” directly and freshly. The copywriting is “Slip off your heels.” They are messages to you to see the posters and help you to understand and imagine the visuals.

Creative Execution

we considered what product is suitable for adult women being "on duty" , and which parts of product should be relaxed .  we discussed many times to choose a motif which contains understandment , sympathyize , figurative beauty and interesting at the same time. We reached the idea "the heel lying flat.” The heel was made in reality to take photographs. We paid careful attention to the detail expressions or colors to show brightness like sun of south France and positive towards next on duty time.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Taking a new way, we succeeded in making an impression “carbonated beverage for adults” which is totally different from an image so far “everyone likes carbonated beverage” and targeting new customer segment. For new customers it became easier to buy Orangina by establishing the image “carbonated drink for adult.”

After “on duty time” such as working time or seeing someone, you take relax time having something to drink. Normally the drink could be mainly coffee or tea, but we let Orangina plays that roll. The targeted segment is around 30s women, who are working hardly and taking interest in current fashions. The poster was put on the wall of station they usually use. It was simply and stylishly designed so that it catches the eye in crowded places.