CategoryB02. Promotional Item Design
EntrantDM2 Singapore, SINGAPORE
Media DM2 Singapore, SINGAPORE
Idea Creation DM2 Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production DM2 Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Matthew Crescenzo Dentsu DM2 Associate Creative Director
Mustapha Zainal Dentsu DM2 Art Director
Dominic Ho Dentsu DM2 Art Director
Zee Yeo Dentsu DM2 Art Director
Jessica Beaton Dentsu DM2 Account Director
Ng Xin Rong Dentsu DM2 Account Manager
Noreen Tjindra Dentsu DM2 Account Manager
Luca Iaconi-Stewart Luca Iaconi-Stewart Set Designer
Mike Middleton Dentsu DM2 Creative Director
James Hawkins Dentsu DM2 Chief Executive Officer

The Campaign

The creative idea was to demonstrate Singapore Airlines meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail by making the worlds most detailed paper aircraft model and airline seat classes. Miniature paper-craft wizard, Luca Iaconi-Stewart helped bring the idea to life. The result turned out to be an amazingly detailed model of the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380, fitted with functional miniatures of the airline's award-winning cabin seats and suites. The whole process documented over 3,000 hand-cut pieces and 1,000 hours of painstaking, meticulous craftwork.

Creative Execution

We implemented a multi-platform social campaign anchored by a 2-minute “hero” video, which showcased the crafting of the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 as well as all five luxury seat classes. The campaign took over 6 months to produce and film the 5 seat classes. We placed the "hero" video on YouTube and Facebook, while supporting it with behind the scenes and extras on Instagram. Twitter and LinkedIn messaging was used to spread the word about the campaign for optimal reach. In total, the entire social campaign was released across these 5 social media channels, accessible to Singapore Airlines' global network.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

• Over 34 million views on Facebook (from the brand page and partner video re-upload page) • Over 1.6 million views on YouTube • Over 33,000 reactions on Instagram • 400% increased performance on cost per share (from $2.64/share to $0.66/share) • Over $1 million worth of earned media

According to our data research, people associate Singapore Airlines as a market-leading airline with impeccable service (as confirmed by their annual brand health check). That said, their market differentiation has been slipping with younger flyers as compared to Gulf carriers, so we needed to find a new way to connect with them. Using demographic social information on Facebook, we saw that our target audience was engaged in highly active conversations around the A380 aircraft, and tiny things. Our approach was to combine these passion points into a strong brand social video centered around the idea; at Singapore Airlines, no detail is too small.