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Name Company Position
Jacco ter Schegget OgilvyOne Worldwide, Shanghai President
Darren Crawforth OgilvyOne Worldwide, Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Allen Xu OgilvyOne Worldwide, Shanghai Managing Director
David Chee OgilvyOne Worldwide, Shanghai Group Creative Director
Vinco Xiang OgilvyOne Worldwide, Shanghai Art Director
Tangerine Yang OgilvyOne Worldwide, Shanghai Senior Copywriter
Peter Pan OgilvyOne Worldwide, Shanghai Project Director
Ken Zhou OgilvyOne Worldwide, Shanghai Senior Content Editor
Nina Kong OgilvyOne Worldwide, Shanghai Engagement Planner
Grace Fong OgilvyOne Worldwide, Shanghai Business Director
Meira Zhu OgilvyOne Worldwide, Shanghai Senior Account Director
Phyllis You OgilvyOne Worldwide, Shanghai Account Manager
Bas Muller MediaMonks Executive Producer
Tim Ruiters MediaMonks Project Manager
Johan Holwerda MediaMonks WebGL Developer
Waiyee Loo MediaMonks Lead Frontend Developer
Michal Kristin MediaMonks Lead Backend Developer

The Campaign

We created a mobile consumer engagement called "Bud 3D Selfie" that transformed people's selfies into 3D animations. Their faces were rendered in real-time, into a 3D animation that morphed and pulsated to the beat of the campaign's EDM anthem. As they watched their selfies transform, they could flip between five distinctively different EDM styles -- until they found the one that best reflected their true inner spirit. Through creating an engagement based on strong insight into consumer behaviour, people literally became the faces of our campaign, naturally spreading and amplifying the Bud 3D Selfie, and the spirit it unleashed in China's youth.

Creative Execution

Bud 3D Selfie animations were developed based on custom-made WebGL framework. We then integrated this into WeChat, delivering this experience to people without requiring them to download an APP -- a first for China given the calibre of the technology involved. Key technological achievements: - Developed 3D-head model from research on Chinese facial structures - Selfies were projected in real-time onto 3D-head models - More than 20,000 lines JS coding within short turnaround time - Controlled animation loading time within 15 seconds - Developed both webGL-friendly and non-webGL devices outputs for easy social sharing journeys - The morphing animation was specifically coded to animate to the music's rhythm Placement: - Owned: Bud.CN, WeChat & Weibo - Paid: Camera-enabled APPs (MeiTu, MeiYan); Tencent Shake Shake media (users shook their phone in front of the screen during the campaign commercial and were taken to "Bud 3D Selfie", digital OOH at campaign events

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

- Digital media buy: ~302,000,000 impressions through Meitu, Meiyan, and Tencent media (Media impressions were specifically valuable given their nature; Meitu and Meiyan are popular photo APPs with a huge user base of China's Experience Maximisers. Tencent's impressions were targeted at viewers that were profiled as Experience Maximisers) - Cumulative social impressions: ~4,620,000 Engagement: - Over 2 million people created their own Bud 3D Selfie in 4 weeks - Over 50% increase in engagement rate compared to the previous 2015 Music Campaign consumer engagement - People spent 2.5 minutes on average engaging with the brand, experiencing different ways their true selves unleashed looked like Key creative + technological achievement: Developed with custom-made WebGL framework within WeChat, omitting the need for people to download an APP -- this was a first for China given the sophistication of the animations.

Budweiser's target audience in China is called the "Experience Maximiser", a group of 18 to 29-year-olds who love partying and adopting new trends to stay ahead of their peers. What differentiates them the most from China's mass youth is that they are individualistic and love to leave an impression. We identified Experience Maximisers as the people who have taken selfies to the next level, adding layers of customization before sharing on their WeChat (the social platform that the Chinese youth turn to to share their true thoughts). We leveraged this insight to create an inherently shareable activity that truly reflected their own individual party spirit.


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