MT EX 3331

Short List
TitleMT EX 3331
Product / ServiceMASKING TAPE
CategoryD01. Retail
Idea Creation IYAMADESIGN Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Koji Iyama iyamadesign inc. Art Director
Mayuko Watanabe iyamadesign inc. Designer
Sachie Abiko Photographer
Koji Iyama iyamadesign inc. Creative Director

The Campaign

When we were commissioned designs for ‘mt’, we saw a great potential in it. Although ‘mt’ had broad utility, it would not be accepted by customers if it was not displayed in a comprehensible fashion. So we presented ‘Kamoi’ to hold a promotional exhibition that customers can experience ‘mt’ fully and learn more about it. Actually it was a challenging because we had never seen the kind of exhibition before and there were no similar products to ‘mt’ in the market. So we planned a unique exhibition ‘mt ex’ to introduce the products’ character. Since the first exhibition in 2010, ‘mt’ has held many similar events at home and abroad.

Creative Execution

Every time we produce the exhibition, pay the most attention to the location. This time we chose a gallery ‘3331’ that was used to be an elementary school. We covered the spacious rooms with black grid and created a monotone geometric space then placed a temporary shop and a tricycle car. In contrast, we exhibited fluorescent colored tapes in an installation room. Customers were so excited about the unforeseen rendering and took many pictures. To our astonishment, not a few customers came again the gallery to take more pictures. At the ‘mt’ Experience Room, customers enjoyed using tapes and the walls turned out to a canvas to express their artwork by ‘mt’.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

At 3331 site, so many customers came to get the limited edition tapes that they had to wait in line. The pictures of the exhibition diffused through SNS and the reputation spread by word of mouth. As a result, the exhibition became topical event and succeeded in gathering a surprising number of people. It led to increase ‘mt fans’ and develop the market. ‘mt’ created a new category ‘Washi Tape’ in a sundries market. ‘Kamoi’ took advantage of this boom and improved their sales. Many competitive products followed after ‘mt’ were released but it wins on all counts.

‘mt ex’ is constructed with a temporary shop, an installation, the ‘mt’ Experience Corner where customers can try their hand at using ‘mt’ freely. Every exhibition, we provide some limited edition tapes that customers only buy at the site and arouse their interest. We offer various opportunities to please customers and try to make a big appeal to them.