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Idea Creation HUFAX ARTS Taipei City, CHINESE TAIPEI


Name Company Position
Yun Liu hufax arts Copywriter
Alain Hu hufax arts Art Director
Gayle Wang hufax arts Account Manager
Fa-Hsiang Hu hufax arts Creative Director

The Campaign

Solution & Cultural: The book is titled <Xing Shu>, with subtitle <travel, write and write a book>. The author has written 21 stories which have taken places in 21 cities in the world. The words “Xing Shu” in Chinese is the same as a style of Chinese Calligraphy. Making the lightness of this literature book as the focus and not letting readers confused it with with the Chinese Calligraphy immediately came to my mind.

Creative Execution

The book’s cover is designed with strokes of dismantled Chinese characters “Xing” & “Shu”. Like the stories in the book, after people experience love, they are broken, and at the same time, they are emotionally complete. The hot press printing treatment implies that the journey we have traveled. Some might leave marks in our lives, some don’t. The dotted lines placed on the cover and the back of the book implies conversations and words. The fluorescent green dots are intended to mirror the modern city life. As for paper selection, we chose paper with textures that gives warmth, so when readers pick up the book, they feel the warmth.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

“Xing Shu" get huge response in the market, in addition to continuous international design awards, the more the reader should again publish the listing requirements and Sold this spring!

We believe design is one form of writing. When the main characters’ characteristics are crafted, stories naturally flow. Taking inspirations from Chinese calligraphy?italics, the design concept gradually evolved to dismantling Chinese characters, and adding hot press printing treatment, the cover intended to deliver the message of this book “what people said”. It works in concert with the book - “where there is a city, there are people and there are stories about those people”. Be it love or other memorable stories.