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Product / ServiceMOTOREPELLENT
CategoryF02. Well-being, Environmental Impact & Solution
Production MEOUR Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Suthisak Sucharittanonta BBDO Bangkok Chief Creative Officer
Chalit Manuyakorn BBDO Bangkok Executive Creative Director
Peter Oh BBDO Bangkok Creative Group Head
Sithum Walter BBDO Bangkok Art Director
Sangvian Suwan BBDO Bangkok Designer
Wachira Ampornpachra BBDO Bangkok Account Manager
Jirapan Vasanabunsongserm BBDO Bangkok Agency Producer
Nanthana Kumpiranont BBDO Bangkok Traffic Co-ordinator
Predashanok Isarangura Na-Ayuthya BBDO Bangkok Other Credits
Kasemparn Jujindalert Meour Production Co., Ltd Director
Teewin Varapaskul Meour Production Co., Ltd Director

The Campaign

We wanted to find a way to reach every corner of the slums, so we looked at another slum infestation ... motorcycles. Because just like mosquitos, they are everywhere! Motorcycles are the slum residents primary mode of transportation, and they are small enough to navigate through the small alleyways of the slum communities. With or without the MotoRepellent filter, motorcycles drive though the slums all day, every day. So we wanted to make something good out it. MotoRepellent is a light-weight, mobile device filled with non-toxic mosquito repelling oil and magnetically attached to the end of a motorcycle’s exhaust pipe. Heat from the exhaust activates the oil and mosquito-repelling scent is propelled out into the air via exhaust pressure. As the motorcycles pass by, mosquitos within a radius of up to 3 meters are repelled, giving residents a safer, mosquito-free environment.

Creative Execution

With the help of Duang Prateep Foundation, we launched MotoRepellent into the local slum community using select community members with motorcycles who already spend a lot of time traversing the narrow slum alleys. This ensured that the device was used to directly help combat mosquitos in its intended area. After the initial launch, we presented the Duang Prateep foundation with additional cases of MotoRepellent filtres and repellent oil for further distribution to their local community leaders. MotoRepellent is durable and reusable, so all devices given are still in use. As this was a local CSR activity with very low budget, the initial campaign focused on a slum community that had a very large, dense population (apex 87k +) residents. However, given the resources, the scalability of MotoRepellent is promising.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

After the launch of MotoRepellent, the Duang Prateep Foundation has received an out-pouring of injuries (both local and international, with regards to the MotoRepellent filter as well as to their general charitable activities - further raising the awareness of the slum community needs. According to the foundation, they have never received so many calls/inquiries since they were founded nearly 4 decades ago. Aside from that, the campaign generated an estimated US $250,000+ in free media and PR, reaching around the globe and with its initial launch 87,500+ people within the slum communities were protected, having covered more than 2,125 sqm of slum community.

With apx. 20% of Bangkok's estimated 6-8 million residents living in slums, our primary focus was to find a solution for the slum residents due to their limited access to mosquito prevention resources as well as limited healthcare access. With an increase in mosquito-borne illnesses, it was important for the slum communities to find some preventative measures to help curb the problem. We selected motorcycles as the vehicle for MotoRepellent due their prevalence within the slum communities and their ability to access every area of the slum. With the help of Duang Prateep Foundation, community members were selected to receive and utilize the MotoRepellet filters while going about their daily routines - thus facilitating the repelling of mosquitos throughout the slum.