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Name Company Position
Gigi Lee Y&R Malaysia Executive Creative Director
Emir Shafri Y&R Malaysia Creative Director
Joshua Tay Y&R Malaysia Creative Director
Robert Aw Y&R Malaysia Agency Producer
Hoffset Printing - Printer
Shireen Ang, How Wei Zhong Y&R Malaysia Art Director
Lai Wai Yeap, Sylvia Teoh Y&R Malaysia Art Director
Cassie Ng, Joshua Tay, Gigi Lee Y&R Malaysia Art Director
Azeril Johari, Claira Chan Y&R Malaysia Copywriter
Emir Shafri, Jonn Dogra Y&R Malaysia Copywriter
Shireen Ang, How Wei Zhong Y&R Malaysia Designer
Lai Wai Yeap, Sylvia Teoh Y&R Malaysia Designer
Cassie Ng, Aaron Tan Y&R Malaysia Designer
Eric Tee, How Wei Zhong Y&R Malaysia Illustrator
Yew Jun Ken, Lim Ling Li Y&R Malaysia Illustrator
Shireen Ang, How Wei Zhong Y&R Malaysia Typographer
Lai Wai Yeap, Sylvia Teoh, Cassie Ng Y&R Malaysia Typographer
Wizard Photography - Photographer
Eliza Wong Y&R Malaysia Account Supervisor
TL Tan, Louie Hoo Y&R Malaysia Art Buyer
Directors Think Tank - Production House
Postmotion Studio - Post House
Huram Art & Design, Lai Wai Yeap, Sylvia Teoh, Neo Yae-Ber Y&R Malaysia Prop Maker
Chu Khong Liang, Muhd Thaqif, Chan Wai Guan, Asher Lim, Tay Jia Yun, Ezra Quek Xian Huat Y&R Malaysia Prop Maker
I. S. Shanmugaraj Malaysian Nature Society Executive Director

The Campaign

We chose to use what all Malaysians are familiar with – classic fairy tales – and reimagined them in a world without trees to show how deforestation can ruin these stories and ours. These tales served as a conversation starter to show how deforestation can ruin these stories, as well as ours. We brought these stories to life through our posters, which together with the rest of our campaign, drove to the microsite. Once there, people could dive into each tale further and learn about how deforestation affects us, as well as take action by donating, signing up as a member, and buying notebooks and CDs inspired by our unfortunate tales, which also contributed to MNS’ funds.

Creative Execution

We handcrafted four reimagined “unfortunate tales” using mixed media. Whenever possible, we used reclaimed wood, metal, cloth and other repurposed items, in keeping with our theme. We then photographed these sets, and combined them with digital illustration for use on our posters and print, for a raw, rustic look that couldn’t be replicated by illustration alone.These images and stories were then adapted to our notebooks and microsite.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

As the campaign was recently launched, we’re still collecting the results, but so far the response has been encouraging. Both young and old responded positively to our campaign. In just a few days, 22,000 were exposed to our tales on our posters displayed at our roadshow. The posters played a key role in our campaign’s success, which helped increase deforestation awareness by 48%, and raised over RM45,000 within the first week of launch. More importantly, Malaysians were encouraged to join MNS in its quest to rewrite nature’s unfortunate tale in the real world.

By using classic fairy tales, we instantly make our message relevant to the majority of Malaysians, as ages from 8 to 80 are familiar with these tales. Our campaign needed to have wide reach, and to do this we showcased our posters at some of the top malls in Malaysia’s capital city. The posters were supported by mobile mechanised booths, notebooks, and a soundtrack. All of which drove the public to our microsite, which encouraged sign ups as an MNS member, donations, sharing of our stories across social media, and purchase of our notebooks and CDs.